Find an ARTbundance™ Coach!

An ARTbundance™ Coach is a pioneering, unique hybrid of inspiring coach, creativity mentor, and spiritual guide. Browsing through this directory is a great way to find someone who is thoroughly trained and passionate about using creativity to help you finally live the life you've always dreamed of!

ARTbundance™ is a unique approach to self-awareness and personal growth, using creativity as the primary conduit for exploration and change.

For more information about the ARTbundance™ Certification Training, or if might be interested in applying for the next session of ACT and learning how ARTbundance™ might fit into your professional goals, you can get full details here.

The following is a list of certified ARTbundance™ Coaches and/or Practitioners, listed in alphabetical order by first name.

Aja Dematerra

Ali Lauria

Angela George

Angelia Miller

Angie Vangalis

Anne O'Connor

Athena Penson

Barbara Krauss

Becky Breshears

Brigitte Auger

Caitlin Anderson

Carmen Taggart

Carol Baker

Carolyne Moore

Carrie Faden

Chris Hammer

Christine Martell

Cindy Wilson

Creusa Brigatti

Crystal Korzep

Cynthia Hanna

Dakota Gold

Dave Wagenfeld

Deborah Carlson

Deena Morein

Denise Croke-Douro

Dewi Maile Lim

Donna Duff

Donna Reeh

Donniece Smith

Elaine Ezell

Elaine Waller

Gena Lumbroso

Gurutej Kaur Khalsa

Irina Naskinova

Iris Mueller

Jaima Dwyer

Jan Blount

Jane Dye

Jennifer Ford

Jenn Walling

Joie Leigh

Judy Stone-Goldman

Judy Womack

Karen Klaassen

Karen Uttig

Kathy Rachal

Kelly Morrison

Kerstin Rheinlander

Kimberley Rice

Kim Kozuch

Lana Zelinsky

Laurissa Weiler

Leah Ocean

Leslie Dupont

Linda Kaun

Linda Storey

Lisa Bolender

Lisa Sennhauser

Lori Danyluk

Lori Davidson

Lorie Speciale

Lucinda Pollit

Lynette Evans

Lynn Bartle

Maisen Mosley

Mary Harrison

MaryJo Briggs

Merrill Disney

Mershona Parshall

Michelle Berlin

Minette Riordan

Monique Terner

Natalie Koroleva

Pam Murray

Pam Thompson

Pattie Mosca

Pilisa O'Connor

Rae Shagalov

Rin Meyer

Ruta Klimasauskien

Samantha Marsden

Shan Groer

Shannon Spring

Shelley Lindsey

Sherry Murry

Sian Pope

Sophie Dagenais

Sue Smith

Suzie Massey

Tat Apostolova

Terilee (Teri) Wunderman

Terry Jordan

Veronica Parker

Vivian Sakellariou

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