ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
Amy Heil

About Amy:

Amy Heil is coming off the biggest transformational year of her life. Completing a retail business project lasting over 4 years, having a baby, buying a home with her husband & moving, and much career development in between. This is a very useful stance to give advice, or opinions from regarding change, new beginnings, & faith in your dream. Amy created the business Little Frying Pan, the meaning of her maiden name "Padalino" in Italian, to combine her love of promotion with her love of art, music, & performance. Little Frying Pan works with clients to identify their direction & create a plan that they can use to accomplish their goals. One-on-one calls, snail mail encouragement, & ARTsignments are integrated with discovery & fun, to form the best course of action for an individual. "I'm delighted by the challenge of brainstorming & creating, then seeing it become reality!" "Everyone possesses a Sizzle. Something special that they are amazing at. I like to add some heat to that & fire it up!"

In her own words: ARTbundance™ means Gateways. It's all about the connection to my instinctual thoughts, pathways to progress in pairs- or groups of all sizes, & the joy of creating powerful art!

Amy's unique specialties are identifying potential pathways. Amy can quickly identify, cultivate, & promote a client's talent (their Sizzle!). Amy specializes in coaching Procrastinators & Dreamers.
Amy says: "Anyone in the Martha's Vineyard area for the summer with teen girls, age 12-18 (going into senior year), contact me if you know a teen who would like to be invited to join in a Pilot Program for teen girls taking place at the YMCA."

Contact at:
Telephone: 508-648-1424

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