ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
Angela Kowitz Orobko, Ed.D.

About Angela:
Greetings, I am Dr. Angela K. Orobko, but please call me Dr. Angi. I am a creative life coach, anti-bullying expert, champion of the tenderhearted and advocate of love and kindness. It is my purpose and calling to empower and inspire people. My experiences as a victim to visionary, student to scholar/teacher, artist and writer has molded my gifts and talents to facilitate transformations in others. I created Hearts That Care as a culmination of my studies with the George Washington University and my 15 years experience in the classroom. teaching and mentoring, leading workshops and programs. I have piloted two successful programs in Virginia School Systems and published my doctoral study: An Examination of Policies, Programs, and Strategies That Address Bullying in Virginia Public School Systems.

In her own words: "ARTbundance™ is a philosophy and a process, which is grounded in art and spirituality that allow people to re-frame challenges in their lives and find a solution within themselves."

Angela's unique specialties are her innate abilities to put people at ease with her radiating compassion, authenticity, attentiveness and openness. Dr. Angi has a gift of energizing, empowering, inspiring others as she nurtures, appreciates and genuinely loves and values her clients. Dr. Angi's approach to coaching involves engaging and gently guiding her clients from where they are encouraging and inviting them to tap into their creativity, their intuition, their inner-wisdom and their hearts to discover solutions as they journey toward their goals and ideal lives.

Contact at:
Telephone: +1757 593 2391

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