ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
Barb Kobe

About Barb:
Art was a part of my life growing up. I have worked for over twenty years in the fields of engineering drafting, graphic arts, advertising, and print and multi-media production. In the early 1980’s, my world as a professional graphic artist shifted focus when I gave birth to my children. Up until then, I would resist calling myself an artist. I would not claim that I had a creative mind, even though I was helping others visualize their ideas. The pivotal point came during a leadership facilitator training about parenting and self-esteem. At mid-week in the training I made a decision to become conscious and grow. As I parented my children (then 2 and 4) with this new information and worked on their self-esteem, I re-parented myself. It was at this point I began to meet important mentors, allies and coaches who encouraged me to activate my creative life and call myself an artist. The more I created the more I wanted to know about creativity and myself. I noticed that when I would do art with my children I would give them permission to be creative, to take risks and find out “what happens if”. I love the feeling of creating and facilitating others being creative. I think my life has always led me to coaching people for personal growth and healing using art. My creative path has led me to illustrate books and game boards, create feeling puppets and talk to children about their feelings. This led to my art and healing dollmaking. I completed training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and ultimately finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Art Therapy at the age of 50. During college, I was encouraged by mentors, teachers and allies to develop several learning experiences and curriculum for girls and women: GEMS(Girls Empowerment Mentoring and Support); The Dollmaking Circle; Dollmaking as Transformative Process; Medicine Dolls ( How to Make Healing Dolls for Yourself and Designing Your ARTfield of Dreams). I had my own company called Visualize through which I designed and manufactured therapeutic dolls and puppets focusing on emotional intelligence. I facilitated parenting/self-esteem classes and small business groups. I conducted various workshops, presentations and classes covering a variety of subjects: self-esteem; parenting; emotional intelligence; child development and creativity. I taught art classes through an art center to all ages. I got involved in the Odyssey of the Mind program, a creative problem solving competition. I coached creativity, judged creativity and trained creativity coaches. I have certifications in group facilitation, Educational Kinesiology, Girl Scout Trainer, Creativity Coaching from Eric Maisel, Cognitive Coaching and ARTbundance™ Creativity Coaching.

In her own words: My ideal client is a woman who is open and willing to play with her growth potential and possibilities. She is someone who is on the cusp on a new stage of her life and may be interested in pursuing a small business.

Barb's unique specialties are assisting you in creating visual metaphors/art activities for your self-expression and transformation in the form of dolls, game boards, visual journaling and creative process experiences.

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