ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
Christine DeJuliis


About Christine:
Since early childhood, I have turned to various art forms for self-expression and reflection. Through creative play, I have been able to connect to the deepest most authentic aspects of who I am. Although my most intimate poetry and art-making were kept private for most of my life, my creativity continued to provide refuge from uncertainty and confusion. Although life presented its challenges, I had an inner-knowing that expression through art could heal me, so I continued to write and make art when and where I was able. Expressive art is simply part of who I am. No matter what tried to silence my self-expression from coming through, it kept rising to the surface wanting to be seen and heard. In fact, art would help save my life. As I worked through trauma resulting in symptoms including severe anxiety, emotional turmoil, overwhelm, stress and depression, my art provided an accessible and powerful way for me to process thoughts, feelings and emotions. It provided a way for me to see the creative process as life itself and through it, I developed spiritual vision - that is, seeing in a way that involves exploring experiences symbolically through words and art. Through this creative journey toward change there were many valuable discoveries made and lessons learned. Spiritual vision through creativity enabled me to expand my awareness, find my strengths, connect to my intuition and gain insight into my patterns and beliefs. It helped me learn about shadow attributes and their role and to perceive the meaning in all I was going through. Ultimately, it helped me transform from a victim to a place of empowerment and infinite possibility. An alchemy of the personal and spiritual kind transmuting the lead of what had manifested on the physical plane into the gold of my soul. It is only fitting that art has been the catalyst for my most recent personal and spiritual growth. It is this growth that has led me to focus my energy entirely on creativity and a newly chosen path in life. If you are someone interested in the transformative power of self-expression through art I am eager to connect with you. If you are curious about your creative side and finding the authentic creative voice within, you will benefit from my experience and desire to help others. As a self-taught visual artist and poet, I am an unwavering advocate for the value of expressive art. As an author and Ambassador of Change through an organization called the Messenger Network, I am dedicated to establishing a platform around my message of Art Without End, a book which presents six simple steps that anyone can implement to awaken the creative spirit and nourish their unique soulful expression. In conjunction with the publication of Art Without End, I will launch a comprehensive online environment dedicated to the teachings and practice of the book’s principles in a safe and supportive community.

In her own words: ARTbundance™ to me, means starting wherever you are and knowing that wherever that is fine. It is also knowing that wherever you want to go, possibility awaits you. ARTbundance™ connects you to your inner knowing and wisdom - it nurtures the soul and strengthens the spirit. ARTbundance™ promotes honesty, authenticity and truth.  ARTbundance™ is exploration, discovery and transformation! When a client connects to ARTbundance™ coaching and participates with sincere desire and earnest effort they will experience ARTbundance™ as Creativity Coaching that definitely works!

Christine's unique specialties are working with people who are drawn to the spiritual and healing aspects of the creative process. My own method of coaching integrates mindfulness, meditation and guided visualization and seeks to help clients become better acquainted with their authentic selves and with all that they are. My coaching is also ideal for people who long for deeper connection to their intuition, to their spirit and to their soul. My own ARTsignments™ involve personal art-making in the areas of journaling, poetry, collage and creating mandalas. I am further developing my coaching practice to use the creative process in the area of understanding archetypal energies and patterns for personal and spiritual growth. I feel it valuable to state that although the creative process is indeed the backbone of my coaching, absolutely no artistic experience is required. My approach is well-suited for artists seeking a new approach to their creativity as well as those who are just discovering their interest in the creative mysteries. My coaching uses the artist-in-all-of-us approach and honors each individual's creativity as sacred. I am here to serve. If you are seeking to heal, if you seek spiritual renewal and inner peace, if you are an artist or non-artist feeling a call for greater connection to your soul and life-purpose, I am dedicated to serving you.
I believe that creative ability resides within each of us and that small steps and practice can lead to great self-discovery and even world-change. I have personally overcome great obstacles and wish to share what I have learned so that others may experience their own transformation through the joy, grace and miracles of the creative process and art.

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