ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
Christine Sharbrough


About Christine:
I am a Certified ARTbundance Practitioner, librarian. archvist, and Certified Genealogist. I have an undergraduate degree in Art History and Law and a graduate degree in Library and Information Sciences with a concentration in Archival Studies. I have been a Certified Genealogist(sm) since 2005. I have always been drawn to a life of service to others, helping them navigate whatever pathway they choose to walk.

In her own words: ARTbundance™ to me, means means living in a way that is authentic and centered by creating and appreciating art and the symbolism and meaning behind it daily.

My own unique specialty is helping women realize that we are all enough as we are. Wherever we are is just perfect for the moment in time we are in. Having patience and wisdom to await expectantly that which we desire takes practice and patience but the rewards are great.

I have been drawn to art and artistic endeavors since I was a child. I have also always had a very strong intuitive sense about people and what they need. I enjoy all sorts of crafts to varying degrees of success, but to me the doing is more important than the perfection. After all, satisfaction in life comes from the experience not the perfection.

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MSLIS Archival Studies, Certified Genealogist(sm) at her websites:

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