ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
Cindi Saadi

About Cindi:
Cindi is a certified professional life coach living in Lewes, DE. She is also a published writer and photographer/artist who enjoys the powerful combination of photos and story. Cindi weaves creative expression and joy into her coaching as she helps clients to discover the message they most want to share with the world, as well as their unique vehicle for expressing that message. She then works with clients to develop and expand their creative vehicle beyond their comfort zone. Self-compassion and self-acknowledgment are two powerful tools that Cindi uses in conjunction with creativity in her coaching. Cindi is vegan and is deeply passionate about animals. In her personal and professional life, she strives to increase compassion and respect for all animals. She is also an advocate of holistic healing and is committed to eco-friendly living. As for her creative "vehicles", Cindi most enjoys photography, altered photography, story, and music. In addition to working as a writer and as the outreach director for an animal rights nonprofit, her background includes a Master of Arts degree in criminal justice and 11 years of federal investigative and case management experience that furthered her desire to help others.

In her own words: "ARTbundance™ means freedom. It is a wild freedom to explore, learn, and grow in a myriad of creative ways. It involves using joyful creative expression to seek clarity, direction, and purpose. ARTbundance™ allows for FUN, non-linear, and surprising insights for solving problems and discovering new paths."

Cindi's unique specialties are helping people to identify the "message" they most want the world to hear, and then discovering and expanding their unique "vehicle" or means of expressing that message. Self-compassion and self-acknowledgment are two powerful tools I encourage in conjunction with the various forms of creative expression that speak to and challenge my clients most.
“I am vegan, passionate about animals, and eco-conscious. Thus, I am also happy to work with clients who are striving for a more compassionate and healthy lifestyle. This too can be very creative and FUN, versus a daunting struggle! I work often with clients who are "starting over" at various stages of life. My preferred creative vehicles are photography and writing, and I especially enjoy the way the two forms of expression can so powerfully work together.”

Contact at:
Telephone: +1 302 519 2380

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