ARTbundance™ Coach
Donna Mills


About Donna:
Donna is owner of Creative Clarity and was originally certified as a FranklinCovey coach in 2004. Since then, she’s trained as a Self-Management Coach and has completed Tim Kelley’s Purposeful Coach training program. In 2009, she received her certification as an ARTbundance™ coach with Artella’s inaugural ARTbundance™ Coach Training class. In addition to coaching solopreneurs and other creatives, Donna loves writing and editing (especially as the Editorial Assistant for Artella Blissness Splash!), painting and digital art, and creating and maintaining connections. All of this explains why ARTbundance™ is such a perfect fit for her! You can view some of Donna’s paintings at

In her own words: ARTbundance™ means living the nine principles every day, in every way. When we are fully integrating all of these principles on a daily basis, we create and experience lives filled with meaning and purpose. What greater joy can there be?

Donna's unique specialties are helping my clients explore, clarify and express their ideas. Creative people tend to have so many ideas (often hazy or indefinite) that they can be overwhelming. I help my clients sort through their mental clutter and focus on what they see as their most important priorities. One of my clients explained it like this: “I come to you with this messy, heavy, overflowing plate, dripping down the sides. When we are finished, I leave with a lightweight plate of manageable portions that I’m confident I can eat!”

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