ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
Gaynell Meij


About Gaynell:
I am a life-long-learner in the fields of science, the arts and humanities. I engage in soul-craft, meditative presence-ing, creative play, and cultural and ecological curiosity as ways to enhance my place in the web of being. My journey of re-claiming my full sensing, wholeness-in-body, began as a way to heal from a trauma. I was fortunate to be introduced to art journaling and dialogue, dance prayer, and nature sojourns as expressive and integrating forms of opening to transformation.

As I sought a practice to share these deeply connecting and supporting awarenesses, I gathered knowledge and skills in creativity, consciousness, and complementary healing practices. I believe a spirit of playfullness, and the holding and offering of presence are foundational to enhancing our exploration and whole-ing in our embodied lives.

In her own words: ARTbundance™ means heart-centered opening to shifting a perspective, finding a new support, and inviting ease where tightness, frustration, or limitation may have taken hold. ARTbundance brings color, rhythm, and the flow of expression into our lives. In ARTbundance there are gentle tools for opening to divine imagination at the authentic center of our embodied lives.

Gaynell's unique specialty is trusting that opening to our fullness, developing our capacities in body-mind-spirit  we can access our inner and outer ecology, generate greater self-compassion and then participate in life in ways that compassion flows to All Other. This enhancement of compassion is my intent as a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator, a Licensed Massage Therapist, an ARTbundance(tm) Coach and Practitioner, a naturalist trained in Geology and Ecology, an advocate for a healthy food system, and a lover of the inter-connected systems, web-threads, and imaginal capacities of this life.

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