ARTbundance™ Coach
Janet Shepherd

About Janet:
Janet is a radiant and fun ARTbundance™ Coach, specializing in creating opportunities to experience authenticity and joy. With a background in ontological coaching and positive psychology, she brings 20 years of experience and kicks it up several notches with Marney’s wild and wonderful ACT training. Compassionate and warm, Janet has a gentle style that supports you in finding your own path, guided by your own inner wisdom. It’s no wonder that her business is called Joyful Life Design.

In her own words: ARTbundance™ means determining our own destinies, through delightful, playful, and loving creativity. What a wonderful way to explore and grow!

Janet's unique specialties are celebrating ALL of the parts of us, and helping all of our inner selves to work & play well together. I will guide you through lovely and fun processes to honor yourself, your Muses, and your artistry.

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