ARTbundance™ Coach
Jennifer Walling

About Jennifer:
My own natural talents of active listening, inventive problem solving and being able to work and talk with people at whatever level is most comfortable with them combines beautifully with my ARTbundance™ training. My coaching is very supportive and nurturing. Being a creative soul myself, I really believe in helping others trust in themselves and their talents. My clients range from working artists, to closet poets, to professional musicians, to geeks and scientists, to everyday people just looking to reshape their lives into something better. WE are ALL unique and valuable individuals. I hope to help as many people as I can, to see and to be the miracles they truly are!

In her own words: ARTbundance™ taps into our potential and talents, freeing us to create the lives we always wanted.

Jennifer's unique specialties are My unique combination of talents, knowledge and contacts means you get an almost encyclopedic array of information, inspiration and creative suggestions to support and help you.
"I have always been an artist, pretty much since birth. I hold art and science degrees, and I read voraciously. I have backgrounds in writing, fines arts, chemistry, engineering, graphics, and having been working with computers in many forms starting with my dad's Sinclair and DOS back in the late Seventies. I have been working in one business or another since I was 13, usually at a managerial level after the age of 17. I enjoy helping others explore and test their abilities. I always do my best to help anyone I can."

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