ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
Jo Beall

About Jo:
Living in the Blissness Blue Moon Lodge, I love being a Heart Whisperer and Heart Consciousness Midwife intent on raising the vibration of love on the planet. It is my privilege and honor to accompany you on a deep sea adventure into the ocean of your being and to share in and encourage your being full of (fully) yourself. As a ARTbundance™ Coach/Practitioner and Co-Creativity Coach, I love working with people who are eager to use creativity to transform their lives and to live more fully from the heart. Sharing this amazing journey with you who choose the creative process and are open to this sometimes confounding, sometimes exhilarating, and everything in between path of heart that leads deeper and deeper into our inner and outer wisdom inspires me profoundly...

As a Jungian psychotherapist with a trauma specialty, I am well versed in transforming stressing into blessing and look forward to sharing in your SHERO Journey to SELF™.

In her own words: ARTbundance™ means.... Being aligned with the abundance of the creative process and engaging in creative activities to deepen connection to the true self... ARTbundance™ is the transformation I wish to see in the world....

Some of my unique specialties are being love, peace and bliss, holding sacred space for rainmaking, whale riding and dolphin dancing while other passions radiate from the archetypes of Visionary, Intuitive, Clown, Child, Jungian, Shamanic Healer, Connector, Guide and Freespirit.
My heart smiles with yours as we walk the spirit path...

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