ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
Jozette Rodriguez


About Jozette:
I am an intuitive artist and sculptor who in addition to coaching creates custom pieces of artwork for clients to represent the guidance I receive on their behalf from my divine source. I love hanging out on Facebook, writing poetry, painting and spending time with my daughter and dogs!

To me ARTbundance™ means...being guided through a process of discovery that goes beyond the mind and right into the core of the spirit. It's a great format for discovering the hidden truths in the story we tell ourselves and others about what's happening in our life. It's a way to be creative and have fun while also healing and bringing attention to things that may be difficult to face.

My own unique specialty is...being guided by spirit and using my divine connection to truly listen with love, see clearly into a clients heart and hear the magic underneath the story. I also practice feminine embodiment and use tools such as dance, breath work and sensuality to help people integrate their discoveries into their body and life.

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