ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
L'Tanya Durante

About L'Tanya:
L'Tanya is a graduate of the inaugural ARTbundance™ Coach Training class. She has experience in coaching women, particularly moms who are ready to create a more fulfilling life.

An admitted “scanner,” she has expressed herself professionally and personally in a variety of ways – as a freelance writer, knitwear designer, radio announcer and environmentalist (just to name a few). With experiences, intuition, and a bit of whimsy as her guides, she gently encourages women to re-discover their authentic selves outside of the many roles they play.

In her own words: To me, ARTbundance™ means using creativity to become a more full, more alive and more authentic you.

L'Tanya's unique specialties are creating coaching programs and workshops that focus on the ARTbundance™ principles of Connection and Vision. It is so easy for our roles to define, overwhelm and disconnect us. Our vision blurs and it seems like we forget everything -- what we like to do, music we like to listen to, and places we like to visit. My two programs (in progress), I, Witness and Make Yourself at Home are fun ways to get reacquainted.
I work well with moms and women who are caregivers. Been there…still doin’ it.

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