ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
Linda Cameron


About Linda:
Hello! My name is Linda Cameron. I was a Montessori Pre-school teacher with my own school for 32 years, before I retired, and decided to change my path. I have moved from nurturing little souls, to nurturing big ones! I recently (Feb. 2017) started up my new business called Linda’s Nurturing Nest, working both with ARTbundance™ Coaching, and giving ARTjournaling™ workshops. I am very excited about my new business, and encourage you to try ARTbundance™!
In her own words: ARTbundance™means a fun and creative way to work through everyday problems, and to explore new paths and journeys in one’s life.

Linda's unique specialty is her ARTjournaling™ workshops, which combine ARTjournaling™ with ARTbundance™ in a creative way, so that you can look back and see your progress, both in your life and in the growth of your creativity and artistic skills! She has been ARTjournaling for about 17 years, and has a lot to share.

You can contact me through my website at www.lindasnurturingnest, or on Facebook at

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