ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
Liz Gow

About Liz:

I work with clients to help them dive deep to new depths and burst through life's waves with fun and delight, just as dolphins do in their play. My company, Liz Gow Life Coach, offers products and services to support DEEP living (dive, empower, emerge, play.) Sign up for my monthly Coaching Bulletin and receive a fun & powerful guide to Manifest Your Desires Through Play.

DEEP Body Love is a coaching approach to inspire and promote a healthy relationship with your body, food and emotions and ultimately 'YOU'. It is offered as a retreat weekend, individual coaching and as an 8 week eprogram.

This approach facilitates connection with the inner wisdom of your body to understand and deal with thoughts, feelings (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and to examine which type of 'hunger' (physical, emotional or spiritual) you are experiencing, resulting in you satisfying the 'hunger' with the right kind of 'nourishment'. With new habits and lifestyle changes through an assets-based model that emphasizes a positive body image, body confidence, self-esteem, self-compassion, dealing with emotions, critical thinking and a gentle approach to real, lasting change to break free from the cycle of being 'at war' with your body.

To me, ARTbundance™ Creativty Coaching brings forward tools to help instantly gain access to intuition through simple, fun, creative activities that instantly gives freedom to dance on the sands and play in the waves of life.

My own unique specialty is D.E.E.P. Coaching: (Discover Empower Emerge Play) Coaching is Phinspire's approach to dive deep to new depths and burst through life's waves with fun and delight. Often we have beliefs that are shaped by "shoulds/oughts" and the choices we make based on those beliefs can lead us away from who we really are. The inquiry: how can you change your beliefs and choices? The answer: Dive deep into ACTION! Phinspire and DEEP Coaching are all about diving into new voices of possibilities and taming the voices that tell you it is impossible.

My passion is Nourish to Flourish – Body Positive Coaching.

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