ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
Melanie Hill


About Melanie:
Most of my career I used my creative skills as a themed retail designer. I'd spent many years cultivating my own self awareness, collaging and journaling, and at some point I found I had more interest in facilitating self awareness than space design so I completed certification in Community Arts. I began creating and facilitating self awareness and art experiences in the Orlando community. Discovering The Artist's Way led me to owning my artistic abilities and developing jewelry, showing and selling as an artist. As my spiritual journey blossomed I completed a 4 year program to be licensed as a spiritual coach while also becoming certified in feng shui in 1999. My bag of tricks includes feng shui meditations that shift the mind and Law of Attraction tools to consciously create what you desire. The icing on the cake is my certification as an ARTbundance coach..

I love teaching people how to deliberately create their own reality using my fun learning tools based on a set of Universal principles. I am a energy mechanic with an understanding of how to shift energy and achieve a predominantly happy state of being.

As a coach I am intuitive, creative, inspired, and an enthusiastic champion for you achieving the wellbeing you seek.
In her own words: ARTbundance™ means experiencing the abundance embodied in 9 life enhancing principles through doing teeny art projects that connect us to the transforming and creative power in all of us.

Melanie's unique specialty is crafting unique practices that raise the vibration, relieve stress and improve overall wellbeing and happiness using my special knowledge of feng shui, cutting edge spiritual principles and ARTbundance tools.
Other helpful info about me.... I'm a crochet fool....a believer in happy endings....I can work a collage!

Contact at:
Telephone: +1 407-399-5423

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