ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
Paula Graham


About Paula:
Paula Graham is an artist, author and creativity coach who delightfully cites Qigong (chee kung) as foundational to all her creative work. A long-time student of Qigong, she has devoted herself to her deepest passion: connecting the fascinating links among energy practice, self-nurture and creativity. As an artist, she studied at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and privately with Delaware artist Sarah Yeoman. As a photo-journalist she published 150 + feature articles and authored children's stories plus the book Speaking of Journals: Children's Book Writers talk about their Diaries, Notebooks and Sketchbooks. Teaching at all levels – Kindergarten through College—fueled her deep love for teaching as well as a soulful knack for igniting people's passion, zest and the joy in possibilities. In addition to coaching private clients and leading creativity workshops, Paula now teaches two Qigong classes: Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health and The Dragon's Way® ~ a Six Week Journey to Stress Reduction and Weight Management.

Paula says, "Qigong and creativity are similar in that both are developed and greatly enriched by daily practice. Both involve opening to intuition, letting go and following flow. The energy knows where it is taking us. All we have to do is dip our toe in the current, trust and allow it to support our journey. My highest dream is to help people access the gift of universal energy while claiming and cultivating their natural birthrights of vibrant health and full creative self-expression."
In her own words: ARTbundance™opens up a channel for transformation and joy and reconnects us to inner wisdom, life force and the flow of abundance through creative expression informed by spiritual principles and sound business practice.

To me ARTbundance is a life style -- a practice (in the spiritual sense of the word) of investing creativity into solving problems, making choices and expressing one's purpose in the world. It's also a method of infusing all our actions with a lightness of spirit and a deep appreciation of the abundance in our lives.

My own unique specialty is combining ARTbundance principles and EFT/tapping with my creativity clients and qigong students.My specialty is a blend of art and energy that I've named Creativi~Qi

Other helpful information about me: I live on a farm in SE Pennsylvania, very close to both the Maryland and Delaware borders. My favorite color is green, my favorite flavor is coconut and I have a technology muse named Watson. I am passionate about the promise of writing and sharing personal stories as a way to bring us to vibrant health and full creative expression.

Contact me:
Telephone: +1302.354.1971
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Address: PO Box 117 Oxford PA 19363

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