ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
Paula Swenson

About Paula:
Hi, my name is Paula Swenson. I’m a Creative Catalyst, an artist who uses both images and words to evoke clarity, possibility and joy in life.

I’m also an expert navigator of change. I offer creative tools, whimsy and practical wisdom and hold the space for you to use them, to live from a place of wholeness.

When you live and work with joyful clarity, doing something that matters to you, you become more fully alive and that has a tremendous ripple effect – every time your life intersects with someone else’s, some of that joy, some magic, some spark is passed on. With enough of those sparks, we can light up the world!!

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In her own words: ARTbundance™ means complete, creative, heart-centered prosperity -- having all the bits and pieces connected like a big spider web, where everything intersects with other things, and if you pull or tug on any of the threads, they all wiggle and shake. In my world view, the definition of prosperity is when all the bits of the web are well anchored and in balance, yes money and physical comforts, but also friends, time, peace, joy -- all types of abundance -- ARTbundance™! To me creativity and spirituality are the heart and soul of prosperity.

Paula's unique specialties are helping people reawaken and maximize their innate creative abilities and then acting as a resource and dream advocate for them as they use those abilities to embark on their true life’s adventure – their own hero’s journey.

Creative Spirals is my fifth business venture. I've been a founding partner in two businesses (Heidelberg Haus, a gift shop/gallery and Solstice Performance Arts, a stage and media production company) and the sole proprietor of two businesses (Quintessence, a theatrical and interior design business and Zografis, which continues to promote my own words and art). I’m semi-nomadic and have a passion for new places and new experiences. I refute the notion that travel has to be expensive, difficult or elitist.

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