ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
Peggy Lynn

About Peggy:
Peggy is a Jacqué of all trades, a light worker enjoying a wide variety of creative experiences as a lover of life and tools, an artist, author, poet, photographer, naturalist, psychic, daughter, sister, aunt, mate, mother, grandmother, minister, teacher, prayer channel, Divine Mother Lover, all subtle energies wellness practitioner, Reiki master teacher, law of attraction motivational coach, public speaker, entrepreneur, trainer, facilitator, consultant, creativity catalyst and potentiality expert to name a few. She draws from a lifelong love of learning in many educational venues; a huge resource pool of past role models, teachers and mentors; and even the not-so-common common sense!

Peggy now travels frequently and splits each year residing in Florida and Alabama. However, she spent her early years in a big, good-natured Midwestern family with hospitality and service in their DNA. Cooperation, consideration and artistry were big too! Peggy is a natural nurturer as Mom to four, all married with children of their own, making her proud Grandma to ten sweethearts! "She is the Queen of Magical Connections," - says Creative Powerhouse Marney Makridakis. SARK calls her Soaring Heart Peggy. Two names gratefully embraced! Peggy joyfully uses all of these tools along with the ARTbundance™ treasure trove plus more, empowering clients to connect the dots in their lives, step into their brilliance, and transform within their own creative genius, enlightening all the way!

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In her own words: ARTbundance™ means... allowing the innate creativity within to awaken, emerge, engage and color our prosperity senses for our benefit and the entire greater good in delightfully fun and joyous methods!

Peggy's unique specialties are Helping people find more joy in their lives! I guide them in seeing the connections to purpose, passion and goals, transforming obstacles and irritants into treasures and authentic gems in their existence! Connecting the dots begets connecting to lots!
"I never met a stranger even though I have met a few strange people! By and large, we are all connected, choosing to be separated only by our perceptions, idiosyncrasies and fears. I love those who step beyond their fears and the blessed, unique diversity and oneness we all share! Plus I love to sing about everyday joys spontaneously - a cappella! :-o"

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