ARTbundance™ Coach
Sheryl Allen

About Sheryl:
Sheryl lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and is an avid creative and licensed Brain Gym® Consultant, Educational and Behavioral Kinesiologist and ARTbundance™ Coach. Her playfulness and passion shine through in all of her classes as she continually seeks ways to make life more fun, flexible and enjoyable by tapping into her ever expanding wealth of resources from many years of experience as a creative business owner and Brain Gym facilitator.

Sheryl enjoys group synergy and working with students, parents, seniors and women in small business. All participants in her work enjoy greater well-being and balance with quicker understanding of new information and fewer struggles in learning. Her distinctive goal setting process reduces stress while restoring more ease and enjoyment of life. Her simple activities and processes are highly effective and clients usually notice immediate results. Having Sheryl include her expertise in classes offered by other facilitator's helps participants retain more of what they learned during a seminar or class--making it easier to implement new ideas after the class is over.

In her own words: ARTbundance™ complements ‘heartbundance’ which to me is about flourishing in faith, fun, love, and creativity in all areas of my life while inspiring and encouraging others to do the same. Engaging in life creatively while embodying the 9 Principles helps keep me focused on what brings me delight while connecting me to my creative spirit. I use the Principles and ARTsignments™ to seek clarity for myself and clients by accessing my Muses and Inner Guidance".

Sheryl's distinctive specialty is helping people of various ages and stages of life bring more ease, balance and harmony into their lives through simple, practical, and life-altering activities. Synergizing the body and brain with purposeful, playful movements more quickly fulfills the desires and intentions of the heart and mind. Body/Brain synergy accelerates ease of new learning with greater fulfillment and successful outcome. Old, limiting patterns and behaviors are replaced as new neuro-pathways connect and quickly integrate the body, brain, heart and mind..

Sheryl's favorite sayings are "How can I make this easier?" and "If it's not fun, I'm done!".

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