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About TiCo:
I've spent my life trying on careers in the arts like they were outfits. Some had a shelf life and didn't fit any longer, some became outdated and shifted, some still fit and it feels incredible wearing them. Life has been a quest of trying out different mediums in search of the best way to express who I am. And the world never runs out of new careers to try on! I've made my living as a singer, a dancer, an actress, an artist and a writer. Having lived my life in the arts and being a strong believer of honoring the gifts we were blessed with, I chose to become a coach to support others in expressing their true selves with passion. I live to support my fellow women in living a cool, creative life they are proud of.

In her own words: ARTbundance™ means ... Allowing our personal inner wisdom (Muse) to lead our lifestyle. Surprising synchronicities. Nine principles that give brilliant insight on how to effectively deal with situations and challenges. And my favorite ... Creativity rules! ... No matter how crazy that creativity may be ... it puts a whole new spin on how to do what we do and how to be who we are.

TiCo's unique specialties are There's a type of identity theft that has nothing to do with credit cards, private numbers or passwords. It's the kind where you find yourself in a situation where you lose sight and sense of who you are. Be it a relationship or break-up, a job/career, a health situation, financial issue, an important care-taking role, whatever it is ... the situation becomes the priority and all sense of self is lost! Point of You Coaching was created in 2007 to help women reclaim their precious selves, their dreams, their passions and especially their purpose which is the foundation for making healthy choices in all we do. Whether it's about a dream that's been tapping you on the shoulder for decades ... or your body putting its vote in by sending you an ailment to get your attention ... or a tugging in your heart, begging you to listen and act on what it needs ... or even a shot of jealousy that's telling you, "I should be doing that too!" ... our lives and bodies speak to us often. Let's observe and listen together to find and manifest that magical, authentic woman inside who is hungry to express her true self by the way she lives her life.

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