ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner
Yvonne Rose

About Yvonne:
Yvonne is a therapist, coach, mentor and counsellor. She works with adults, families, couples and youth sent to her through an Employee Assistance Program; children sent to her through the Children's Aid Society of Toronto; she teaches and supervises adult students studying at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute; and she sees private clients of all ages and with a wide variety of issues such as: anxiety, obsessions, depression, addictions, unfulfilled creatives; and people who feel they are 'stuck' in life, their work, and with their future.

Yvonne Rose is a Registered Art Therapist. She has a Master's degree in Education. She has had a variety of trainings over the years such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), New Decision Therapy™, Hypnotherapy, Psychodramatic Bodywork(R), and she is a Master NeuroLinguistic Practitioner (NLP). She flows freely between any and/or all of these methods, using whichever one is most suitable for the client at any particular time.

In her own words: To me, ARTbundance™ means a playful, creative way to gain insight.

Yvonne's unique specialties are having an ability to quickly assist a client to change their way of thinking and remove any block that has been holding them back in life. They can then move forward, living a richer, fuller, and joyful life.
Other helpful info about me is that I also like to use Tarot card images in my work. I find the archetypal imagery in them is a tremendous resource in helping people see their lives, or issues laid out for them visually. They can then use the imagery to work on changing what needs to be changed.

Yvonne can be reached through; or through her website at; or by phone at 416 461 1102.

Contact at:
Telephone: 416 461 1102

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