Mapping and Mentoring with Marney
A Unique Hybrid of One-on-One Coaching and Small Group Support

A new six-month cycle of MMM begins July 7. Applications for potential open spots will be received through June 27, 2014.

If you’ve begun to have a sense of direction of where you'd like to head, but could use an expert's hand to guide you, this innovative program provides the structure and support to help you reach your goals quicker, more efficiently, and with greater results than doing it all on your own.

"This group has helped me look outside of the box and fly. Marney, your cheerleading has helped me to believe in myself and find the answers within. I have never met anyone with such an incredible business sense, as well as generosity and consistent inspiration. You are the epitome of what I strive for... to serve humanity through true passion, and to leave a meaningful legacy. MMM has been an incredible gift to me and my life is changed forever because of it."
-Lisa Bartoli

"Working with Marney has exceeded my expectations. She is generous with her assistance and intuitive in her guidance. I am astounded with what I have completed in just my first month! The help I receive is individualized and delivered with compassion and enthusiasm for what I am working on. I only wish I had started working with her years ago!"
-Tina Siebers

Overview of "Mapping and Mentoring with Marney"
  • Marney Makridakis, founder of, the ARTbundance™ philosophy of self-help through art, the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book, Creating Time and the upcoming book HOP SKIP JUMP: 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life (coming November '14) is your personal one-on-one guide on the Adventure of Your Life! It's like having a dayplanner, coach, and friendly guide every single step of the way!

  • An intimate group of handpicked fellow journeyers brings additional support, community, collaboration, and connections for a total of up to only 6 people maximum.

  • The driving focus of the program is on making consistent, rewarding forward movement in your business, project, or goal between now and the end of the year.

  • Receive personal Creative Cartography maps throughout the cycle, created by Marney just for you. Have you ever just wished someone could hand you a literal map...with all the steps and paths mapped out to get directly to your creative dream? That's exactly what you get! Marney will create maps for you, charting both your process and your future steps, and, as a fun option, you can create your own maps using various artistic design templates, or even collaborate with Marney to create mindmaps using fun, easy online software!

  • Follow your maps with Marney's guidance, while learning how to keep connecting to your momentum, motivation and magic! You'll even have the option of learning advanced map-making techniques to create your own visual maps for ongoing inspiration and guidance!

Marney has now facilitated 36 individual Mapping and Mentoring groups, and the participants' success continues to be inspiring! Here's what "Mapping and Mentoring" participants have to say:

"In MMM, Marney meets us where we are and takes us where we never dreamed we could go! The email from Marney I received during the very first week was alone worth double the cost of program! In addition from the business-building wisdom and guidance, the MMM group has resulted in several of my most cherished friends of a lifetime! I am so grateful to Marney for weaving an endless rainbow of resources and creativity throughout our sessions...and in gifts sent later in the form of e-books, free courses, and fun little notes in the mail. The inspiration never stops! Most of all, I thank Marney for her endless business know-how, and her empathy, patience, understanding, and compassion."
– Mikell Worley

Through this program, I found my "IT!”, my life purpose! Marney has a tremendous ability to give and to’s like she has an unlimited and inexhaustible energy and passion for helping others live their dreams. I also believe that maps are the embodiment of all action, and I have integrated the mapping tools deeply into every area of my life and business."
- Elaine Ezell

One flat monthly fee gets you:

  • Weekly phone sessions with Marney facilitating one-on-one sessions within the context of a small, intimate group. In addition to receiving your weekly one-on-one session with Marney, you'll also get to hear the sessions of the others in your group, as you learn from their experiences, as well.

  • Ongoing email access to correspond directly with Marney whenever you like, for additional questions, support, advice, resources, or just some virtual cheerleading hugs. :-)

  • Unlimited access to a private online community for your group, for extended support and connection.

  • A creative weekly and monthly accountability system, with consistent reminders and friendly check-ins, that ensures that you stay on track, with the support of Marney and your group. Marney even shares her own weekly accountability check-ins right along with you, so you get a "sneak peek" at what her life/work looks like, week to week. :-)

  • Bi-weekly LIVE one-on-one AWEfice Hours via Instant Messaging, for addition 1-on-1 private time with Marney, for additional support and questions.

  • Unlimited access to an extensive MMM Resource Library, including hundreds of dollars worth of materials included, such as map templates and designs, mapmaking guides, planning worksheets, brainstorming playbooks, audio and video how-tos, enhanced productivity ARTsignments, and lots more...all available for open access, without any additional charge.

Here's what "Mapping and Mentoring" participants have to say:

"My business, Creative Oasis Coaching, had already been up and running for several years when I joined and during my year long participation in MMM with Marney's guidance and resources, I was able to finally realize several of the dreams I'd had for my business for years. The amazing support system of MMM featuring direct access to the genius of Marney Makridakis herself is, to me, priceless. Mapping and Mentoring with Marney is a double-blessing as I enjoy the wonderful camaraderie of a like-minded group of women as well as the incredible guidance and support of Marney as I move forward in elevating my business to the next level. Marney custom tailors what she offers for each person according to where they are with their business (people who are just starting out need different tools than those who have been at this for awhile). She has an incredible intuitive gift (totally understands the right brain creative ) and is amazing business woman as well, equally adept at offering ideas and support of your left brain business building needs. Marney generously shares her wisdom regarding business development with a goldmine of information served up in a variety of ways that are understandable for those of us not quite so business minded. Her insights, recommendations and ARTsignments™ are always spot on. There is also the bonus benefit of the small group coaching style. I have participated in several different MMM groups and all were filled with cool, talented women who lent each other caring accountability and support throughout the program and beyond. I am so grateful for all I've learned working while with her during the past year. Her spot-on intuition combined with her creative nature and savvy business sense is an awesome and powerful combination! "
– Jill Allison Bryan

"Marney, you are truly a miracle in my life! I appreciate your super creativity and thoughtfulness...your ability to see the big picture... your sensitivity and consideration...and your never-ending support and partnership. You have helped me take my ideas into strategy, action, a nd completions to depths of expanded possibilities that match my heart. The care and support of the MMM group is also a gift. I love the deepening of Aloha on all levels that is generous, kind and beautiful."
- Sharan Ro

Program Fees:
$499/month for Artella Members and Artella Affiliates

Due to its unique and intensive nature, a six-month commitment to the program, the process, and your MMM group is required. For your convenience, you may pay monthly, or pay in weekly installments.

At the end of the three months, with this kind of unparalleled support, the macro-map that you create in the first few weeks of the program will be completed. Imagine that you can finally do things like...
Here's what "Mapping and Mentoring" participants have to say:

"MMM is Momentum, Motivation, and Magic! Being in the program has assisted me in taking huge leaps forward in all areas of my life. The love, support and wisdom of Marney and the group has been an essential part of bringing my dreams into reality and making the journey delightful and inspiring! Marney brings her well Summer of creativity and her enormous heart to every session and in between. I feel so grateful for her in so many ways. Through MMM, I have learned so much about myself and have paved a new future for myself."
– Donna Herbster

"I have been in MMM for over a year now and the journey I am on has been deliciously rich. It has been phenomenal. Marney is the epitome of a Coach's Coach: the ideal mentor who moves us where didn't think we could go, the ultimate light force of intuition. I have learned so much about my structure and how I show up in the world; I have learned to honor and love that which is so special about me. I continue to learn about living in the 'zing', focusing on those things that bring a tingle to my tummy. I have created my business and have a clear understanding of the gifts I have been called to share with the world. I now know my work is my life and my life is my work and there is no separation between them. I have learned to ask for help and support particularly when it comes to my relationship with technology; I am the creator of my concepts and I get to ask for help with all of the other nuances I do not understand. All of this has come to be because of the gifts Marney shares with all of us who walk our paths with her. I am constantly in awe of the way Marney intuitively knows where it is I am going; at how she gently yet directly helps to keep me focused and purposeful towards living my dreams. When in 1:1 consult with her, I feel acknowledged and heard, loved and honored, revered and brilliant, even if others are present. She is my friend and my teacher and I feel blessed that I made the choice to invite her into my energetic field."
- Barbara Krauss

"I was in a place where I needed to completely reinvent my work. With Marney's ARTbundance Certification Training program (ACT), I got the ideas for how to do it; with Mapping and Mentoring, I'm actually DOING it. Marney is great inspiration who has infused my life with love, support, encouragement, and cut, paste and glitter, and more business know-how than you'd think could be crammed in one person. Nothing can compare to the combination of the small support groups and one-on-one coaching time. I learned so much hearing Marney coach my group mates. Then when it was my turn I deeply benefitted from Marney's talent of being able to coach each person in their unique individual needs and desires and launch us all in skyrocket speed forward."
- Sande Roberts

"Marney is the brightest guiding star in my True North and I look forward to MMM every week. I appreciate Marney’s mega-multi-layered expertise that she shares so generously, and the synchronicities that arise in each and every group session. I came to MMM looking for guidance about writing and publishing my book, and I found my new spiritual community."
- Karen Dale

"MMM has helped me become more focused on my work and life. Marney and MMM have empowered me to realize how much I really get done every week while also noticing the small and huge shifts within. MMM has helped me connect to a great group of women that support me in my juicy journey. Marney has a great way of gently guiding you on your purposeful journey. I am really enjoying MMM and highly recommend it for anybody that needs more focus, guidance or direction in their business or life."
- Veronica Parker

"Marney and MMM contribute to the advancement of the right brained, collaborative, loving, creative, makin' the world a better place energy. I am ever so great-full for Marney's interest in all of us who believe in a world that work is fun, important and transformative, and have not sold out to the current business template that focuses on padding the stockholders pockets at the expense of others health, well-being and happiness. MMM is a life-changer!"
- Karen Curtin

Optional Licensing/Trainer Module Available: For coaches, teachers, and other professionals who are interested in licensing the techniques shared and becoming Certified Mapping Mentors and using these techniques with their own clients and students. If you are interested in learning more about the Licensing/Training Module, you can contact Marney directly, here.

A new six-month cycle of MMM begins July 7. Applications for potential open spots will be received through June 27, 2014

The application process for Mapping and Mentoring with Marney includes a written application, and, for those advancing to the next round of selection, a phone interview with Marney.

Marney is committed to selecting a group of people who are not only truly ready for forward movement, but importantly, also have the right chemistry and connection for a sublimely supportive group experience.

We have several current group options, which may have potential openings for July 2014:
  • Tuesdays at 1:00pm Eastern
  • Tuesdays at 6:30pm Eastern
  • Thursdays at 10:00am Eastern
  • Thursdays at 4:00pm Eastern

The application process is as follows:

1. The first step is to submit your written application by December 20, 2013.
2. If you are selected for a phone interview, you will be asked to schedule an interview the week of December 20.
3. Final decisions will be made by the end of December. You will be notified (either way).
4. Accepted participants will receive orientation materials to review in the weeks prior to beginning our first weekly gatherings the week of January 6, 2014.


  YES! Please send me an application for "Mapping and Mentoring with Marney", for the new Cycle beginning in July 2014.

Have a question about Mapping and Mentoring with Marney? Send Marney a direct email, here!