Make a Joyful Clock!

A little message from Marney K. Makridakis:

The biggest thing that seems to get in the way of creative joy is stress about time. I suggest creating a new clock based on the things that bring you joy by replacing all the old “hours” with a different element. In Creating Time, I suggest replacing the hours with “ours”; the “ours” represent all our cherished states of being, the beautiful things that are globally important to all of us. After all, time is not “hours”, time is ours!

You can use your new clock to tell time in a joyful, nonchronological way. For example, my “our” for 1:00 is “FUN.” So, instead of seeing that now it’s 1:00, I see that now it is FUN!

This reminds me to measure the moment in fun, asking myself questions like these:
  • What is fun about this moment?
  • How might I make this moment more fun?
  • Where is fun hiding in this moment?

What might your clock look like?

I did this short segment on Good Morning Texas this week demonstrating this very exercise. Give it a try yourself and you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with!

Come share your thoughts in the Creating Time Facebook Community, here!

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