Artella’s New Creative License Catalog

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Artella’s Creative License Packages are high quality, ready-made products that you buy in order to turn around and sell them yourself, either as-is, or with your own adaptions.

Unlike many licensing programs, you never pay a percentage, commission, royalty, or renewal; you simply purchase one time and then keep 100% of profits going forward.


Special Extended until October 10!  Order any Creative License package below with a special discount to celebrate our new catalog. Simply order from the catalog below.  You can click for more information about each program.

“Marney’s Creative License packages have provided an easy way to jump right into the profit side of business. She doesn’t just provide great content that is perfect for my customers, she also provides everything I needed to get it up for sale very quickly. This is the easiest way I know to get products and workshops out there without waiting for all pieces to come together.” ~Barbara Krauss




Wealthcare Program Master Reprint License

Want to sell eCourses immediately from your own website for passive income to support your growing business?  This is a great way to get started, with 4 ready-to-go e-courses you can start selling right away.

  • Includes four different 30-day e-courses in creative prosperity
  • Licenses available individually per course, or a deeply discounted rate for the bundle of all four. To purchase licenses for individual e-course a la carte, go here: ADD LINK
  • Make your own adaptations to the lessons, or use as-is
  • Each license includes everything you need to get the course up and running: html and text files for 30 days of lessons, recordings, handouts, booklets and images. Plus marketing copy, sample sales pages, and social media images.
  • NEW! Plug-In for Aweber Autoresponder: All lessons instantly piped into your Aweber account
  • Get more details here…


 The Full Wealthcare Program Master Reprint License
Unlimited License Price: $1399 Bundle ($1526 when purchased separately)

Special Bundle Price until September 7: $1049.25

Option 1: One full payment of $1049.25

Option 2: Payment Plan – 2 payments of $524.63

Option 3: Payment Plan – 3 monthly payments of $349.75

Option 4: Payment Plan – 5 payments of $209.85

li maps

Creative Mapping License Pack with Templates and Training 

Instantly add creative maps to your existing coaching practice, run mapping and mentoring groups, or design custom maps for your customers.

  • Includes 3 self-paced training modules to take you through different map-making techniques for personal development
  • Includes editable templates for 12 beautiful maps that you can customize and sell
  • Also includes turn-key marketing materials, official “Mapping Mentor” certification, and a business planning coaching session with Marney
  • Includes opportunity to present a mapping-themed teleclass to the Artella audience to promote your business or offer mapping consultations with clients we provide


 Certified Mapping Mentor Training + Templates

Price: $999
Special Price until September 7: $899

Alum Discount: $100 off for your ACT Training and every MMM Cycle in which you have participated, in appreciation of your ongoing study and business-building investments, up to $500 total. Alums for whom this discount applies need to contact Marney directly to confirm price and arrange ordering.

Option 1: One full payment of $899

Option 2: Payment Plan – $149/month 

li ct

Creating Time Workshop License

Teach “Creating Time” workshops with ready-made content & promotional materials…everything you need to start teaching workshops immediately.

  • Different license packages available so you can pick what is best for your needs, including options with lesson plans, marketing flyers and copy, handouts, etc.
  • Complete lesson plans avaialable for 12 distinct workshops
  • Marketing-focused packages include promotional material and step-by-step instructions to plan and fill your workshops
  • Content is ideal for corporate and business audience with high resale value
  • Handouts and flyers are fully editable so you can customize with your own information
  • Option to present a teleclass marketed to the Artella communuity for additional exposure
  • Get more details here…


Creating Time Facilitator and Workshop License

Price: Packages run from $199 to $599
Special Prices until September 7: $99 – $349

Option 1: License with Lesson Plans: $99 until Aug 31 (reg $199) 

Option 2: License with Marketing Package: $199 until Aug 31 (reg $399)

Option 3: License with Instant Exposure Package: $349 until Aug 31 (reg $599)

li artsignment


ARTsignment Expansion Packs

Each collection has 30 additional ARTsignments for you to use in your practice, including the newest addition, “The Healing Collection.”

    • Adding them to your coaching tools to build your confidence and expand value for your clients
    • Each ARTsignment can be used as an article, blog or social media post or workshop…truly endless possibilities
    • Keep your own self-coaching practice fresh with new ARTsignments to try
    • Discounted Full Bundle includes 90 new ARTsignments!
    • Get more details here…






ARTsignment Expansion Packages

Price: $169/volume or $499 for a bundle of 3
Special Prices until September 7: $99/volume or $199 for the bundle

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ARTbundance Certification Training

Applications Due September 29, 2024!


A message from Artella Founder Marney Makridakis: 

Announcing ACT 25…the Silver Celebration of the ARTbundance Certification Training program! 

ACT is a 15-week program which offers comprehensive training and turn-key business building materials for using the ARTbundance™ Philosophy of self-discovery through creativity and applying them in a variety of professional venues, including coaching, teaching, facilitating, public speaking, and consulting.

Since 2008, over 450 individuals have gone through the training program to become coaches and practitioners in the ARTbundance method of using creativity as a cutting-edge means for self-discovery.

ARTbundance™ and ARTsignments™ are also the basis of creative exploration in my two bestselling books from New World Library: Creating Time: Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life and Hop, Skip, Jump!: 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life. 

ACT was created to make the ARTbundance approach and tools available and adaptable for coaches, teachers, and entrepreneurs to joyfully use in their professional work.  I encourage all trainees to “make it their own” and find their own voice and approach in adapting the material for their own use.  

What sets ACT apart from other programs is its emphasis on your role as a creator, rather than a consumer of information.  In the ACT program, you learn how to use and apply the ARTbundance techniques and tools…and then bring them out into the world with your own kaleidoscopic spin!


The ACT Structure for Success

ACT is a joyful, immensely fulfilling opportunity for those who would like to use their deep interests and passion for creativity to serve and inspire others through creative and truly satisfying work.  Our training sessions have been incredible experiences, both for the fantastic Graduates and for me, getting to work and play with such amazing people! 

Here are some of the components of the ACT experience:

1. 15-week Creative Curriculum, centered around 9 Cornerstones and 9 ARTbundance Principles, with Certification Requirements that have proven to be effective at ensuring mastery of the material while also being flexible and FUN for students. 

2. Weekly 90-minute classes take place on Zoom, alternating between 1pm and 7pm Eastern time, so that everyone can attend live as often as possible, regardless of schedule or time zone.  All classes are also recorded.

3. Weekly supplementary videos take you more deeply into a topic through additional training, featuring creations of ACT Alumni as a deeply inspiring visual treat!

4. NEW: ACT Card Deck! As an alternative to class notes, you’ll design weekly Art Cards that include the material that you feel is most important.  By the end of the program, you’ll get step-by-step instructions for creating a print-on-demand Card Deck, so you can have a “real” deck in your hands to help keep your ACT training close. 

5. Weekly Guidebooks that have been time-tested and revised over the past 15 years, now including:

  • Class Summary

  • Additional reading material or resources

  • A weekly required ARTsignment

  • Plus optional exercises and resources to dig deeper into the week’s topic

6. Feedback is given on the required weekly ARTsignments, each one designed to absorb the week’s topic through a creative lens.

7. An assigned ACT Mentor (someone who has previously completed the program) – for one-on-one support and guidance through the duration of the program.

8. NEW!  Two Bonus ARTsignment Collections — These two recent additions greatly expand your toolkit with even more ARTsignments:

  • The “Story Completion Deluxe” Pack – additional variations on one of the most popular ARTsignments

  • The SoundSignments Collection — self-discovery activities incorporating sound and music

9. Two weeks of Peer Practice for both coaching & presentations – to practice live and receive in-the-moment feedback from Marney.

10. A vibrant community website for networking, support, brainstorming and connection with your ARTbundance™ Training Colleagues.

11. Coaching Practicum (Required for Certification, Two Live monitored Coaching sessions with “real” clients, complete with evaluations from Marney and your clients.

12. Practitioner Practicum: A one hour workshop or class (live or virtual), with evaluations from Marney and those who attend the presentation. Virtual events are promoted to the Artella Community.

13. Professional Licensure to use dozens of turn-key ARTsignments in your work, upon completion of Certification Training. You’ll also learn how to adjust them for your own needs and specialty, as well as develop your own ARTsignments. 

14. Certification Credentials – Upon successful completion of ACT, you will become a Certified ARTbundance™ Coach or Certified ARTbundance™ Practitioner, and we provide a certificate and accompanying graphics to use in your promotional materials.

15. eProduct Licenses – 25% off all Artella eProduct Unlimited Use Licenses. This option and discount is for those who want to add an additional turn-key stream of passive income while developing their business or practice.

16. NEW! A 30-Point Business Building Action Plan and templates for customizing for your own business plan.

17. NEW! A Social Media Suite of Custom Business-Building Tools — FREE Upon Certification!

    • Short social-media friendly videos about ARTbundance Coaching, branded with your name and ARTbundance specialty statement

    • License to implement new ARTbundance Quizzes into your marketing plan – a fun, snazzy way to share ARTbundance with your audience

    • A series of social images with inspiring quotes, used to drive traffic and increase engagement

18. ACT Alumni Community – Lifetime membership in the group of ACT Alumni for camaraderie and collaboration. Unlike many coaching program, no annual fee or membership required.

Fall Into Your New Path…Become a Certified ARTbundance Coach/Practitioner

Hear more comments from participants in the Audio ACTimonials!

Read more comments by participants from the ARTbundance™ Training Program, here!

Browse our Directory of Certified Coaches and Practitioners! The page will open in a new tab, so you don’t lose your place here.


alum photos

ACT 25 Curriculum Schedule 

ACT is build with a motivating completion structure to set you up for success!  Our class requirements balance accountability and flexibility, allowing you to adjust the timing to your personal needs.  

I typically recommend a minimum of 5 hours per week, in addition to the class times, to dedicate toward the ACT training.  However, you also can create “catch up weeks” for yourself, and put in more time as your schedule allows it.   

If you ever get more than 3 weeks behind the schedule, you are required to meet with your Mentor to discuss a plan to get current.  This system has worked well for us through the years, maximizing the completion rate of our students.

Classes are held on Mondays, alternating weekly between 7:00pm Eastern and 1:00pm Eastern, to accommodate the different schedules and time zones of participants.  All classes are recorded.  

ACT 25 Schedule:

  • Week 1 (Oct 2, 7pm ET): Introduction to ARTbundance™ 

  • Week 2 (Oct 9, 1pm): Overview of ARTbundance™ Principles

  • Week 3 (Oct 16, 7pm): ARTbundance™ Principles in Action 

  • Week 4 (Oct 23, 1pm): Deep Play: Discovery & Recovery

  • Week 5 (Oct 30, 7pm): Communication Energy and Intuition

  • Week 6 (Nov 6, 1pm): Communication Energy in Action

  • Week 7 (Nov 13, 7pm): Introduction to the ARTbundance Coaching Model

  • Week 8 (Nov 20, 1pm): ARTbundance Coaching in Action (application & practice)

  • Week 9 (Nov 27, 7pm): ARTbundance in Public Speaking, Teaching, and Workshops 

  • Weeks 10-11: (Multiple sessions between Dec 4-15, Times TBD) – Peer Practice weeks

    BONUS Holiday Party (Dec 18, 7pm): ACT Gratitude Celebration before our Holiday Break!

    **  3 Weeks Holiday Break  **

  • Week 13 (Jan 8, 7pm): Bonus Class: Exploring ARTbundance Possibilities & Your Vision

  • Week 14 (Jan 15, 1pm): Practicum Essentials

  • Week 15 (Jan 22, 77pm) : ARTbundance Business MasterClass

  • February/March 2024 — Complete Practicum (Two 30-min coaching sessions and One 60-minute presentation or workshop) 

ARTbundance™ Coach Training Tuition

From its inception, I have always been committed to making this training affordable and providing excellent value in the training experience.

Training Program Cost: $1899

For your convenience, the following monthly payment plans are also available:

– 2 monthly payments of $949.50
– 3 monthly payments of $633.00
– 5 monthly payments of $390.00

In addition, we will be offering a very limited number of scholarships through the Lonnie D. Kliever Scholarship Fund for those in the most serious financial need. The scholarship rate is $1200, saving $700 off the regular tuition.  The $1200 is available in 1 payment, 3 payments of $400, or 6 payments of $200.00. 

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please be sure to indicate that on your application. We only have a few additional scholarships for those in the most serious financial need, and ask that you only apply in good faith under the following conditions:

1) receiving the additional monetary gift is the only way you would be able to enroll if accepted into the program;

2) you feel confident than you can pay the scholarship rate/payment plan in full, without putting yourself at risk financially.  

Application Instructions & Relevant Dates:

September 1, 2023 – Application Process for ACT 25 is Open

September 29, 2023 – Final Due Date for Applications

September 30, 2023 – Applicants notified either way

September 30, 2023- First payment due, Welcome Pack Sent 


  I strongly recommend that you send me (Marney) a note to let me know your intention to apply, so I can be looking for your application, as things can sometimes get lost in cyberspace. I don’t want to miss an application…especially yours! 🙂

Application Tips from Marney:

Let yourself have fun with this application!  I’ve heard that the application process itself provides a lot of inspiration and clarity, and I would love for you to enjoy it.  It does not have to be “perfect” and, truly, you can’t do it wrong. In short, I want to get to know YOU and am far less interested in what you have done in the world than knowing why you are drawn to this program and process, why you are excited about it, and why the 9 ARTbundance Cornerstones feel like the right fit for your training.

These two things have always been more important than anything else in order to be a very successful ARTbundance™ Coach or Practitioner:

  1. The first is an open mind that is flexible and willing to try new things — both in your training, as well as with clients and students. The ARTbundance approach is all about getting out of the way to help clients/students discover what they already know, and this often includes some un-learning of some of our “helping” tendencies.  This training will push you to show up differently, take risks, and PLAY…and the more open you are, the more these tools will serve you and your clients.

  2. The second is an affinity for creativity. This does not mean you have to be an artist, writer, or a “practicing creative” – it just means that you resonate to the idea of creative processes as a conduit for self-awareness and discovery. 

Previous coaching experience, or art/craft experience are definitely not necessary to make the selected group of applicants, nor are they going to be the primary considerations in choosing this group. Those can be helpful skills if you have them but the top applicants will be chosen based on a wide range of qualities to ensure that the connection and chemistry is a great match for everyone.

To request your application simply complete the form below:


Request Your Application for ACT 25!









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Artella Founder Marney Makridakis
Artella Founder Marney Makridakis

So….if you’re wondering where you’ve landed, here is where you can learn all about the enchanting Isles of Artella Land!

Artella Land is a the groundbreaking online community for artists, writers, creative entrepreneurs. Since Marney Makridakis founded Artella Land in 2000, it has been a creative home to thousands of creative individuals whose dreams have come alive within the isles of Artella’s exciting map to creative inspiration and discovery. It all began as a self-published art and literary magazine called Artella (named for “art” and “telling”.) In order to pay for printing the magazine in full-color, Marney created innovative ePrograms to serve the unmet needs of creative individuals, and became a pioneer in using the internet to deliver out-of-the-box programs and services for creative people.  The formats she created became some of the prototypes for the first eProducts.

Now over two decades later, Artella has grown to be a multi-faceted company serving a creative community of thousands in many diverse and inspiring ways. Marney is a widely known voice in the creativity movement, and as a creative business consultant, she has mentored and midwifed the success of hundreds of creative business clients, ranging from inspiring start-up projects to growing the online platforms of best-selling authors, corporations, and non-profit organizations.  She currently mentors creative entrepreneurs (and those who would like be) and authors.


Marney Makridakis loves to create wonderful, whimsical worlds and invite others to play in them…

The Artellagram is published periodically, and includes free goodies, Artella announcements and colorful, quirky droplets of whimsy from Marney. Sign up for the Artellagram  here:


In addition to me2booksntoring hundreds of small business owners, publishing Artella magazine, training ACT Coaches, and authoring hundreds of online workshops and courses, her first books, Creating Time: Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life, was published by New World Library in 2012, and hit #1 on Amazon’s bestseller lists in several categories. Her newest book, Hop, Skip, Jump: 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life, hit bookshelves November 2014, again hitting several bestseller lists as soon as it was released. Click here for info about HOP, SKIP, JUMP!

Marney is also the founder of the ARTbundance approach to self-discovery through creativity. Since 2009, the ARTbundance Certification Training Program (ACT) has trained over 400 coaches and practitioners in her techniques, and is the result of her deep desire to help creatively minded people design a successful business rooted in true passion, personal joy, and creative meaning.

A graduate of Duke University, Marney playfully hops, skips, and jumps in Dallas, Texas, with her wonderful husband and their wise and adventurous son, Kai. Her family opened and operates Read Play Love, a non-profit family arts and nature center.  A new musical that she co-wrote with her husband Tony, “The Whimsical World of Sherlock Holmes”, made its New York premiere as part of the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival in September 2021, and was nominated for 5 BroadwayWorld Awards, including Best New Off-Broadway Musical.

She names these things as being essential to her creative well-being: the color orange, poetic novels, singing loudly, daily naps, sunflowers, the love of a good man, and hero worship of Mary Poppins.

Contact Marney or the Artella Team here