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Continuing Education Options for ACT 24: August 29-December 5, 2022

Go here for the ACT 24 schedule.

The Teacher Training Component is also available as part of the Summer Sun*Beam Bundle #2 (save over $200!) — Get the bundle info here

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Enroll in ACT Teacher Training

or Other Continuing Education Opportunities

ACT 24 starts October 17/

Go here for the ACT 24 schedule.

There are several options for ACT Alumni to get involved!

1. NEW! ACT Teacher Training 101 Fun-Oh-Fun!

Announcing a brand new Teacher Training program that works in tandem with ACT 24!  This is for individuals who might be interested in becoming ACT Trainers in the future, AND it also is for any ACT Graduate who would like robust skill-building and hands-on practice in designing and leading a Training or Certification program of any kind.

In addition to the regular ACT program, you’ll get NEW bi-weekly classes, weekly Q&A (after each ACT class, you send questions through email and I answer them in a weekly video), study materials, and plenty of actual experience in teaching and providing feedback for our ACT 24 trainees.  We’ll be covering topics like:

ACT’s history & development – A deep dive into how ACT began in 2008 and how it has evolved since then, with emphasis on what I might have done differently along the way…as well as the aspects I think I’ll stand by forever

Discovering Training Program Possibilities – Whether you’re interested in teaching ACT or creating your own Training programs, I’ll guide you through a process to identify the kinds of things you might like to offer.  We’ll look at the possibilities (including those incorporating current technology) that you might consider.  I’ll also give you a method for evaluating your own content and looking at how it might fold into a training program of your own, with a suggested map of steps through development…from idea to enrollment.

The Framework & Pillars Teaching ACT – Of course, ARTbundance is all about “tools, not rules” but teaching ACT is a little different because you’re working with a specific curriculum and framework.  I’ll share my recommendations for “do’s” and “don’ts” in leading ACT classes, and the working structure of requirements for becoming an ACT Teacher.

Communication Energy in Groups – Learn how to create a container for freedom, safety, creativity and joy in ACT classes. Get specific techniques and suggestions for handling the things that might disrupt the vibe or shift the focus (applicable for ANY class you ever teach, live or online!)

Hands-On Practice for many aspects of teaching ACT, including: written feedback for students, teaching lessons in live classes, making videos to teach content, moderating discussion, and providing feedback during Peer Practice.

Teacher Training Tuition: $1499

Additional notes about ACT Training Fun-Oh-Fun:

  • If you are interested in this program but you have not yet finished your original ACT Certification requirements, please contact me asap so we can discuss a way that you might fold both experiences together.
  • Participating in this program does not obligate you to future opportunities for becoming an ACT Trainer, nor does it automatically grant acceptance into such opportunities. My goal with every aspect of this program is to offer content that is extremely valuable, whether or not you become an ACT Trainer in the future.

Here are other options for Continuing Ed for ACT 24:

2. ACT Again

Repeat the entire ACT experience during ACT 24, including all new content, perks, and a new mentor and assignments. Note: if it has been more than 2 years since you took ACT and you need to complete your certification, enrolling ACT Again is required for completion, unless other arrangements have been made with Marney.

ACT Again inTuition: $499


3.  ACT Alumni Audit Pass

Come and go, participate in ACT 25 as you please, including attending new classes & material.
Note that the Basic Audit Pass does not include the Social Media Pack.

Alumni Audit Pass: $99


4. ARTbundance Social Media Promotion Pack

Available to previous or upcoming Graduates from ACT 1-23, the new Social Media Promotion Pack includes:

  • Short social-media friendly videos about ARTbundance Coaching, branded with your name and ARTbundance specialty statement
  • A series of images with inspiring quotes to share in social media to drive traffic and increase engagement
  • License to implement new ARTbundance Quizzes into your marketing plan – a fun, snazzy way to share ARTbundance with your audience

Note that the Social Media Pack does not include ACT 24, and is a standalone download + customization service.

Social Media Pack: $99