Advanced ARTsignment Activation for ACT Alumni


NEW! 6 Weeks of ARTsignment Play & Practice!

  • Dates: 6 Mondays (July 18-August 12).  

  • Time: 1:00-2:30pm Eastern  (12:00pm Central, 11:00am Mountain, 10:00am Pacific) 

  • All sessions are also recorded.

Enrollment: $59 


For ACT Alumni Only…Six weeks of playing with ARTsignments together, with live practice incorporated into the experience.

It’s only $59 – which is $10 a week for this experience + training, too!

I invite you to play in a NEW container for momentum, connection, and a practical application to hone our ARTbundance skills.

The concept is a Wonderland-like space … with ARTsignments done in community … but with some added benefits, including:

  1. Exposure to some of the “Full ARTsignments” in the various ARTsignment Add-On Volumes

  2. Tangible practice in presenting an ARTsignment to a group  at least once during the session

  3. Practice coaching with a partner each time you attend life

  4. Opportunity to share invitations and announcements with fellow Alumni, every week!

Since it’s new, the format may change as we put it into action — but I plan to start with this format for each class:

  • 5 min – Checking in, and splitting into groups if necessary

  • 15 minutes – Introduction of the ARTsignment (*see faciliator details below)

  • 20 minutes – Solo art-making playtime for everyone

  • 30 minutes – coaching in pairs (15 mins for each)-

  • 15 minutes – Announcements – share invitations and announcements with fellow Alumni!yu

*We will create a schedule so that everyone can present an ARTsignment who wants to, dividing into groups if needed to accommodate everyone (i.e. break into 2-3 groups for the first 15 minutes of each class, each with a different facilitator).  When it is your turn to facilitate, you can present any ARTsignment from any of the ARTsignment Volumes, and you are free to put your own spin on it as you like.

Enroll in The ACTivation!

Let’s play together in this whole new way!

The ACTivation starts July 18.

It’s only $59 – …that’s $10/week for invaluable experience + training!

To enroll, scroll up to the Add to Cart button.

The Advanced ARTsignment ACTivation is also available as part of both of the Summer Sun*Beam Bundle … click here for the Bundles!