Artbituaries Assembled

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Artbituaries: A big bunch of little art “bits”

An anthology from The Artella Daily Muse

Format: Downloadable eBook

Artella proudly introduces the “Artella Anthologies” series, consisting of the very best archives from The Artella Daily news (an online daily newsletter that Artella produced in the early 2000s.)

This eBook — “Artbituaries Assembled” — consists of 36 pages of the best articles fro the former “Artbituaries” column, all of which involve heritage and vintage art.

From Marney Makridakis’ introduction:

Vintage art – that is, creating art with elements from days gone by – is extremely popular right now. An obvious reason for its popularity is its look; aged, antiqued elements are soft, delicate, and aesthetically intriguing and mysterious. But I think the reason behind the surge in vintage art goes beyond that. In today’s world, we are bombarded with all things modern — technology, communications, pressures — all escalating within the context of an extraordinarily high-paced daily tempo. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, I believe working on art projects with a vintage flair is emotionally grounding, because it brings us back to a simpler, quieter time. Whether we’re working with items from our own family history, or with “adopted” ancestors that we find ourselves caring about, vintage projects always find a way to bring us home.

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