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Artella’s YOU * U™ Masters Program
Self-Study Format

Enhanced Audio Edition Format: Downloadable eBook + Audio Recordings

Limited time offer: Grab the YOU * U Masters Package while it’s on sale and you’ll automatically receive the upcoming 2019 Updated version…at no additional cost!

The Masters Program is for anyone who is ready to use eProducts and the other aspects of your business to earn the income that she is dreaming of.

Originally designed as a 6-month course, The Masters Program is now available in a Self-Study format so that you can work through the comprehensive material at your own pace. A 180-page workbook provides you with a rigorous yet gentle step-by-step program that gives you clear direction on what to do, and the order in which to do it. It can be confusing to sort through the sea of information and resources related to marketing a business on the Web. Marney’s mission in creating this program was to make it EASY and DOABLE…and never lose touch of your passion along the way.

The Masters Program presents:

PHASE 1 – Web Site Creation/Overhaul
Whether you already have a Web site or not, Part 1 will address all of the important aspects of creating or refining a Web site so that it is not only appealing to your audience, but also one that gets incredibly high traffic, through optimized pages, incoming links, advertising, an effective e-zine, attractive free offers, and more. Since many of these things take some time to “kick in”, it’s important to address them first. Then you can move on to the next parts of the course, while your work on your Web site slowly but surely pays off.

PHASE 2 – Creating Income Opportunities
This this phase, you’ll create financial goals, and then generate products and services to help you meet these goals. You’ll create eProducts prolifically, write sales letters (aka “Say-Less Letters”) targeted for your own Website as well as for other venues, and you’ll start circulating portions of your for-income products as “teasers” throughout the Web.

PHASE 3 – Your Marketing Campaign

It’s no use to engage in a massive marketing campaign until you’ve got many income opportunities in place. Otherwise, you’ll get lots of traffic and attention, but you won’t make much money.  Now, during this phase, with your Web site in great shape, and several products/services up and running, it’s time to blitz the world through press releases, garnering interviews and other types of exposure, and tapping both traditional and little-known opportunities for getting a lot of attention, and fast.

The Enhanced Audio Edition:

The Enhanced Package includes the textbook, 180-page textbook, broken down into 12 separate booklets, as well 11 recordings of Masters Classes, in which Marney teaches the material in the textbook, in her signature ultra-inspiring style!

If reading this description is getting you all excited ‘n tingly…

OR if it scares you a little, or a LOT, but still feels exciting….

If you’re feeling that now is the time to “get serious” about marketing…but you want to stay true to your heart’s vision…

If you’re ready to start making money, so you can do MORE to serve your audience…

If you’re ready to see what your business really COULD do if you had all the tools in place…

Take the delicious leap into the Marney’s Masters Program experience!

Limited time offer: Grab the YOU * U Masters Package while it’s on sale and you’ll automatically receive the upcoming 2019 Updated version…at no additional cost!