Bizergetics: Playing & Marketing in the Energetic Field


NEW! 10 Weeks of Energetic Experiments and playing in your business!

  • Dates: 10 Tuesdays (July 19 – Sept 27 ’22; no class Aug 23)  

  • Time: 12:00pm-1:30pm Eastern  (11:00am Central, 10:00am Mountain, 9:00am Pacific) 

  • All sessions are also recorded.

Enrollment:  $199


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Let’s play together in this whole new way!

Bizergetics starts July 26.

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Words from Marney:

Where did Bizergetics come from? Well, I often say, “your energy when you press the SEND button is just as important as whatever is in the sales letter or on the conversion page.”  I absolutely believe this to be true but I wanted to test it out and see what happens when we add the group energy to our efforts.

A Pilot of the Bizergetics Lab was held in September 2016, and I was amazed at how quickly participants made these exercises a part of their daily lives and seeing results. I’m delighted to reignite the program with fantastic updates as we explore marketing through energy, with weekly experiments that test the effect of your energy on your marketing and promotional efforts.

I’ve now refined the processes, added more PLAY and am ready for 10 weeks of game-changing marketing adventures in the energetic playground!  You’ll get instructions for 10 Marketing Actions and 10 Energy Games, and over 10 weeks you can mix and match them, all in the support of a weekly container with your amazing peers.


The 2022 Bizergetics Program Includes:

  • Bizergetics Guide (Includes 10 Marketing Actions, 10 Energy Games, 10 Manifesting Meditation Audios)

  • 10 Weekly Gatherings for LIVE practice in energetic marketing exercises led by Marney

  • Monthly Guide Supplements (with New Actions, Energy Games, and Tracking Sheets each month!)

  • Weekly Bizergetics Challenges emailed to you each week



Words from the Pilot Group:

This was an amazingly surprising experience. It shifted the energy around marketing for me. Part of it was turning marketing into a game. But it went much deeper than that with the energetics aspect. Over and over this awareness of the energy of love came up from the meditations or the visualizations. It literally shifted the internal state from anxiety about marketing, or even neutral – not thinking much one way or the other about the activity I wanted to do – to actually being aware of the energy and watching / feeling it shift into connection, love, joyful playing – all these higher vibrating energies.

I have to tell you that I am ‘marketing coursed out’ – I’ve done so many courses on this topic – and this one is the first one that makes me FEEL excited about it. Don’t get me wrong – the other courses all had awesome information, they all had awesome presenters, they all had excellent ideas – but they didn’t make me FEEL the way this one is. I’ve finally realized how much creativity I can apply to marketing – and that feels awesome.

I’m amazed how already I seemed to have moved from the belief that: “Marketing is the pits” to “playing these daily games and talking about my passion is fun!”

Similar to when I began ACT training, I now feel like I have entered into a new world that has been waiting for me! This program has opened a floodgate of energy as I am experimenting daily. My whole world is changing and revolving around this work. I am so grateful. I am not the same person I was before!

A major part of this was the group that ended up coming together in the forum, as we all found this wonderful level of support. It felt very nourishing and also a way for me to give support to others. I really loved the whole experience.

Bizergetics has made me more aware that my personal energy is a part of everything within my life, and that I have an ongoing minute-by-minute choice in terms of which energy I want to experience myself and express to others. Consistently seeding the quantum field with conscious energy has been a fascinating experience so far… And it has been making the invisible energetic realm much more visible within my life.

So much has shifted. I am doing so much more each day with a feeling of accomplishment. I, fact, I feel more hopeful and capable than I have ever felt!