YOU * U™ Self-Study Program

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Create Your Own YOUniversity (YOU * U™) – Self-Study Program!

Format:  Downloadable eBook + Audio Recordings

NEW! This program was recently updated!

Create Your Own YOUniversity (YOU * U™) is a comprehensive program that offers everything you need to know to develop, write, facilitate, and market your own webinars, e-courses, and eBooks!

If you think you’ve got a course, workshop, or book inside of you, but don’t know where to begin, this exhilarating self-study program will take you through the entire process of creating a platform for sharing what you know – in essence, creating your own YOU * U™!

When you know how to use it, modern technology offers unparalleled opportunities to share your message with a virtually unlimited audience. Webinars, e-courses, and eBooks continue to grow in use and utility and now is the perfect time to create a place for your own voice.

Even if you don’t have impressive abbreviations after your name, or specialized degrees, or a body of completed research, or a list of publications – I’m here to tell you that you HAVE an offering inside you!

The YOU * U Study Package includes a 180-page textbook, broken down into 16 chapters that progressively take you through brainstorming, developing, designing, implementing, and marketing an eProduct – or as many eProducts as you want!

The textbook covers topics such as:

  • Skills for focusing your brainstorming to define your niche and zero in on a product you can offer.
  • The process for conducting a needs assessment, and compiling an audience profile and competition evaluation to further hone your offerings.
  • Concrete practices used to write a mission statement and then build upon it to develop your e-course, eBook, and/or teleworkshop.
  • Techniques for organizing an e-course or eBook – and structural pitfalls to avoid.
  • The easiest, quickest, and most effective formulas to use when writing articles or lessons.
  • Techniques to enhance your lessons with well-researched facts and anecdotal evidence.
  • Tips for beating “writer’s block”, resistances, and other challenges, actually transforming them into motivating creative energy!
  • Strategies for dealing with pre-workshop nervousness, and tips for handling a “live” workshop experience.
  • Techniques for integrating feedback that you receive on your lessons, workshops, and audio recordings into your work.
  • The complete procedure for using popular programs to design and publish PDF eBooks.
  • My secrets on the best money-saving techniques and services to use when you offer your automated e-courses, audio recordings, webinars, and Web-based marketing…the result of hundreds of hours of research time!
  • Proven methods for dynamically and attractively branding and packaging your offerings to increase sales and expand your market.
  • Strategies for pricing your offerings to bring the most customers and deliver the greatest profit!
  • YOU NiqueNotes – inspiring emails sent every single day for 90 days, to keep you motivated on your path!

So, right now, get those ideas out of your head, or out of that dusty drawer, and into the hands of the customers who need them! Study at your own pace, in your own time! Let YOU * U™ help you make all those dreams fall into place. It can happen more quickly than you think!

NEW! This program was recently updated.