As Artella has expanded and shifted throughout 15 years of online business and service, one of the most exciting directions for me personally is creating Artella’s Creative License catalog. To me, it is the ultimate win-win: I get to share content I’ve created with others who are looking for quality content to share.  In the end, more people are touched, greater creativity is shared, and everyone prospers.

Teachers, coaches, facilitators, group leaders, managers….they want content.  They are willing to invest in their professional development when they know that they are getting something that can tangibly grow their business.

You’ve like thought about leading workshops, or maybe you had already done so.   But what about empowering others to lead your workshops?


You have ideas for workshops but not necessarily the drive to teach them yourself; you’re more excited by the idea of


Have you thought about creating your own program, technique, or modality, which you can then sell to others?



In this program we will cover:

Intro to Licensing

Profit Possibilities and Monetization Models

Your Licensed Product: Templates and Tools for Generating Concepts

The 5 Audience Points

Incorporating Mission, Vision, and Values into Your License From the Ground Up

Establishing Usage Guidelines and Limitations

Creating Legal Language You Actually Love



I would rather present workshops that have people have created

I would rather create workshops for other people to present