Make Change with Your Muse



Make Change with Your Muse

Mixed Media Art Projects to Attract Prosperity and Change in Your Life

Format: Self-paced e-course

A message from Marney Makridakis, Artella’s Founding Flower Child:

This course is designed around my ARTbundance™ Process — a unique combination of art techniques and prosperity practices that is especially designed to help creative people increase the prosperity and abundance in their lives. I’ve found that while traditional techniques like visualization, affirmations, and meditation work for many people to help increase the positive flow in their lives, they don’t always work as well for creative people, since creative people are so often driven by both seeing and doing! Those traditional types of tools can often feel vague and ephemeral, or even frustrating and confusing. So I’ve found that when creative people can work with hands-on, inspiring art projects in combination with other tools for expression, self-discovery, and personal growth, then the floodgates are much more likely to be magically opened for all kinds of CREATIVITY…including new abilities to begin to create authentic financial prosperity.

If your life isn’t just how you want it, then something needs to CHANGE! So Make Change with Your Muse and join in on this energizing, unforgettable journey, as you create beautiful art projects while completely “changing” the way you experience prosperity and abundance in your life.

Click the images below to see portions of a sample lesson.

When you enroll in Make Change With Your Muse, you’ll receive:

  • A 30-day series of energizing, inspiring, and beautifully laid-out email lessons, featuring 10 step-by-step mixed media art projects, like designing your own mixed-media money, creating your own “Guardian chAngel” to forever assist you as your special Money Muse, altering shoes to inspire new ways to ‘step out’ into the world, and lots of other wonderful projects that are designed to delight you as you try new art techniques and create your own affirming and inspiring creations!
  • A personal, step-by-step guide for the ARTbundance™ process you can use while creating each mixed media piece. Includes step-by-step inquiries for how to use each art project as a powerful tool to attract prosperity and abundance in your life! Click the images below to see portions of a sample lesson.
  • Extensive provocative journaling prompts, to help you integrate the concepts of each project in your daily life.
  • Plus, to keep you motivated between lessons, you’ll also receive a daily “Inspiring inCENTive” — a short, inspiring email message from Marney, along with a daily journal prompt, to keep you juiced as you move along your path of creative abundance!

When your order is complete, please download the file with enrollment instructions, and follow those instructions to begin the course.