New Year’s Passionate Packages 2023


NEW 5-Week Program:

  • 5 Wednesdays: December 28 2022 & Jan 4, 11, 18 and 25, 2023

  • 7:00-8:30pm Eastern  (6:00pm Central, 5:00pm Mountain, 4:00pm Pacific)

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NEW! Passionate Packages With a Spicy Twist for the New Year!

Just imagine… completing an eBook or other product that you can share, celebrate or sell before the end January!  And having a BLAST while you do it!

“Passionate Packages Tied of With Strings” is the program I lead every single year during the holidays!  But during December 2022 I became sick and needed to be hospitalized, so I wasn’t able to teach the class live.\

Turning a challenge into an opportunity, I’m starting over with an entirely new format — the Passionate Packages New Year’s Edition!

It’s time to take your creative ideas and turn them into products that you can sell, such as books and eBooks, workbooks, workshops, classes, kits, and the like.  And do it with a fun, easy structure to really make your ideas happen!

Passionate Packages New Year’s Edition – 2023

Five Live Webinars + Guidebooks: Wednesdays @ 7pm Eastern: December 28 2022 & January 4, 11, 18 and 25, 2023

(Start times: 6pm Central, 5pm Mountain, 4pm Pacific – Live on Zoom and Recording)

“Passionate Packages Tied Up with Strings” is 5 creative weeks to guide you through every step of creating an eBook that you can sell, which can become the basis of any product or event you want to launch…and bring it to completion….yes, before the end of January!

Why? Because the more we play, the more we produce! Passionate Packages is the ultimate blending of the two, balancing play and productivity, right and left brain, process and product.

Passionate Packages also provides a deep sense of nurturing for YOU as we transition into the new year. Throughout the program, we will be covering things like:

  • Valuing yourself & your creative expression

  • Bringing more sparkle to your creative practice

  • Maintaining gentle boundaries with others

  • Integrating the “little things” that nourish you

  • Tracking your connections between creativity and wellness

This program is not only an opportunity to create a new eBook or product…but it’s a container for Deep Self-Care.

Includes 5-Minute “Bare Cinnamon” Activities!  Last year, I added this new component which folks said was THE game changer.  These are the bare minimum (cinnamon!) activities that you can do in just 5 minutes each week.  It keeps you on track, no matter how busy your January is!

About the Format:

Passionate Packages consists is a 5-week program with five 90-minute webinars.  If you can’t attend live, no problem: all webinars will be recorded and emailed within 24 hours after class.  

Week 1: Authentic Lang Syne

* Using Marney’s “FAV Phrase” Method
* Committing to your authentic voice3
* Creating a self-supportive writing schedule
* Singing to your clocks and calendars (it works!)

Week 2: Writing Starters

* Your 5 Passionate Packages “Starter” templates
* How to write without editing
* Establishing writing goals
* What to do with a “silent night” Muse
* Listening for your boldest voice

Week 3: Creative Spackle

* 5 Challenges to make research fun
* Connecting live with your Passionate Packages peers for input & contributions
* Santa the Scientist: how to conduct your own scientific study
* Weaving in anecdotes, stories, facts, evidence
* Using social media to get input and ideas

Week 4: Puzzle Pieces

* 5 possible formats for your eBook (or other creative project)
* Finalizing and format and moving the puzzle pieces
* Generating sparkly content to bring it all together
* Incorporating design and imagery
* The role of reader engagement

Week 5: Creative Completion

* Moving your product to completion
* The most important edit: evaluating authenticity
* Brainstorming the “what next?” possibilities
* Making a promotion/distribution plan

Imagine bringing in the new year with a sense of completion and a solid plan for what comes next! Let’s do it together!

Price: $99

What People Say About Passionate Packages:

SherylAllenPassionate Packages is sparking creative ideas and creating momentum beyond my wildest dreams! I was late on the call tonight because I was so wrapped up in this week’s assignments, I completely lost track of time! Magic is truly in the air this holiday season with Passionate Packages tied up with strings…and bling!
– Sheryl Allen

JudyWomackPassionate Packages is one of the most amazing thing I’ve ever done for my creative output. It has me so motivated and inspired to get my e-book written and available to others. I have been so stuck because I haven’t known what to write about, but this process is soooo easy and it leads you ever so gently in a forward direction. Thanks Marney, for your creative expertise, divine inspiration and magnificent leadership!
– Judy Womack

SandeRobertsSeriously – if you aren’t already signed up for Passionate Packages – run and sign up right away. The content is purely Magnificent Marney. When I signed up for Passionate Packages I couldn’t visualize how my involvement with a full novel could be thought about in a quick ebook. Well – by the end of the first call I was totally clear. Woohoo!! I’m excited.
– Sande Roberts

0007d975-1b8a-4f9d-baa1-4879cc72a037_170x170Taking Passionate Packages began as a crazy impulse. Singing Christmas carols to write a book? But it worked. And then the next year, it worked again. Yes, I wrote an eBook. Which led to a printed book. And the process is leading to more. I’m so grateful.
– Terilee Wunderman

JoyWhen I heard Marney sing songs to change the way I was looking at time, I knew that I wanted to listen very closely and learn all I could from her. The singing and games put all the emphasis on the fun and play, and the burdensome feelings of pressure, fear or resistance just vanished. As a result, I was more productive and delighted.
– Joy Principe

LizGowI am absolutely amazed at the Passionate Packages process! I can’t believe how easily and quickly my eBook is coming together, and I have to say, I loved the singing in class, and it really does make a difference, it really does make it less intimidating and so much more fun! This is the best way I’ve found to tap my creativity, find my voice, and complete all those projects that have been hanging out in my mind as dreams. Passionate Packages is a gift I gift myself every year.
– Liz Gow

headshot2I’ve found my groove with your Passionate Packages system. I now know why I wasn’t creating things before I joined this program…I wasn’t inspired! I want to stay up all night and write!
– MaryJo Briggs

Still Not Sure?

Here’s part of a first class from a previous year… get a taste of the whimsical world awaiting you!

The more we play, the more we produce!

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