Summer 2022! Storyworlding Salon 3


NEW! 12-Week Summer Series in Writing Intuitive Fiction

With author/playwright Marney Makridakis

Dates: 12 Wednesdays  (June 1-August 24. Note: No class June 29)

Time: 7:00-9:00pm Eastern  (6:00pm Central, 5:00pm Mountain, 4:00pm Pacific) 


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Whether you love writing fiction (novels, short stories, scripts, screenplays) or you’ve never tried it or anywhere in between…The Storyworlding Salon is a supportive, scrumptious community space where you’ll be guided through writing intuitive fiction. I call it storyworlding….

It might be a good match for you if you’d like to:

  • Create a new relationship with your imagination and its depths

  • Learn powerful techniques to translate inner pictures into words

  • Experience the satisfaction of pushing the boundaries of your creative process

  • Reveal new layers of awareness and understanding to yourself, by activating a very unique approach to self-discovery or journaling.

  • Become more confident about expressing your ideas in any area of your life

  • Improve your health and well-being by boosting your vitality by creating new worlds!

  • Be dazzled and transported by the writing shared …by others and by yourself!

NEW for Summer 2022 – For summer 2022, our focus is Splashes, Sparks and Synchronicity …. keep reading for details!  

What is Storyworlding?

Simply put, Storyworlding is the opposite of storyboarding. 

Storyboarding is the (very useful!) process of planning out your story and mapping out all the components of the narrative: plotline, characters, conflict, stakes, tactics, etc.  It’s understanding the frame-by-frame blueprint of your story, which serves as the foundation for your writing.  It helps you keep track of where you are and where you are going.

Storyworlding is writing without the map. It’s writing with no net, no plan, no diagram or scaffold.  It’s letting intuition and imagination loose for some free range rough-and-tumble play.  It’s creating a world & characters that surprise you constantly as you create, where writing itself becomes as suspenseful as the most intricate page-turner.

This experience emphasizes process over product, so the objective is not to finish a complete piece, but to connect to a new writing voice that you didn’t even know you had.

If you’ve never, or rarely, written fiction: Doing something brand NEW can bring such a spark to your life.  Writing fiction is the ultimate experience of creative freedom: you’re literally creating a new world. And when you do, you create a new world for yourself in your everyday life.

If you’re an experienced writer: writing intuitive fiction write might be different than your usual process. You’ll be encouraged to put your “craft” aside, and reawaken your intuition and innate sense of play.  It’s a wonderful thing to let loose and create from a place that feels beyond what we know.  You’ll get your spark back, and your whole life will light up as a result.

About The Summer 2022 Session

Our theme is Splashes, Sparks, and Synchronicity —

  • Splashes – Dive in anytime you like!  For the Summer session, each week’s class will stand completely on its own – so no worries if you miss any classes or end up doing them out of order.  Come any time for to make some waves in your creativity!

  • Sparks – “Story Sparks” is what I’m calling the Storyworlding tools and techniques.  Whether you’re new to writing fiction or it’s already your favorite way to play …you’ll get a new “story spark” each week, inviting you to explore NEW ways to play within the territory of a narrative, like: techniques for mixing and matching your phrases to release magic, turning your words upside down to reveal a new truth, taking the pulse of your sentences and administering creative O2 (Exponential Oomph! ), seeing what might be hiding underneath an ordinary verb…and lots more!

  • Synchronicity – When you’re Storyworlding, you never know where your story will take you.  This summer, we’ll be writing in a way that consciously opens the doors to synchronicity….and the words and worlds you create will provide the ideal magic for what you need in your life right now.  Maybe they’ll incarnate into a current writing project?  Or influence a decision you make in your daily life?  Or give birth to an entire new project?  Or reveal a new creative practice that makes you feel ALIVE!

In keeping with the traditional literary salons, there will be time allotted to share writing to a partner (optional but strongly encouraged!)

Each classes will follow a loose structure: 

  • 15 Minutes – Introducing a Story Spark (intuitive writing tool or technique)

  • 40 Minutes – Guided storyworlding – with a new theme and story-starter every week!

  • (5 Minute break)

  • 35 Minutes – Solo writing

  • 20 Minutes – Reading your writing to a partner (optional, you can also just listen!)

  • 5 Minutes – wrap-up

PLUS…Get Weekly Follow-Up Notes: You’ll also receive weekly notes with additional information about the week’s topic and exercises, which you can explore in your own time.


Here are some comments from participants in The Storyworld Salon:

The Storyworlding Salon kept my fires lit while working through the multi-level creative writing process. It also revealed many wonderful surprises that I would have never expected to appear.

Storyworld class brought me way out of my comfort zone into the land of truly not knowing. It brought a new level of wonder, trust and vulnerability.

I never knew that stories could just flow through me like this. Sharing my writing helped me to get a sense of how others experience my stories and hearing their writing was amazing too. An unparalleled experience under the guidance of a true master!

This was about so much more than writing. It was about turning on the colored lights in all the areas in my life. I’ve never thought of myself as a writer. Turns out, I am one. Who knew?

Storyworlding opened me to deeper levels of my being. This is not a class. It’s a Salon of artists playing with words, sharing their brilliance, being seen, heard, and appreciated.

About me, Marney Makridakis: I’m a published author of two bestselling non-fiction books about the creative process, the self-publisher of the print magazine Artella, and have had stories and poems featured in a variety of periodicals and anthologies. I’m also a playwright, having written eight musicals, one of which is which was just produced off Broadway in New York in September 2021. But most importantly, I’m a mermaid splashing in an ocean of words, equally at-home in real and imaginary spaces.

Will you join me in the Storyworlding Salon this Summer?  May we all go to a place where our creativity makes us gasp. And to do it in the spirit of wild play, and in the company of great love.

Enroll in Summer Storyworld!

This session started June 1, but everything has been recorded.   Each class acts as a standalone, so you can jump in any time.