The Artella License L.A.B. Pilot


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The Artella License L.A.B Pilot

~ Livelihood & Abundance Building ~

If you are reading this page, you like have have acquired a Creative License from Artella Land. But… are you using it?

I license the Artella Land programs because I want other people to share and sell them! And I want people to use them freely, easily, and with much success and profit!

What do you need to help you make the most of your Artella licenses?  I want to find out where the gaps are and generate the creative spackle to fill them! So, I am piloting an implementation and accountability system for Artella licensees.

In the Pilot of the License L.A.B., you will implement one of your licenses and launch it within the 3-month timeframe of the program, guided through every step: Produce, Promote, and Profit!

Pilot Participation Eligibility:

  • Ownership of any license from the Artella License catalog
  • An intention to do more than you are currently doing with the license
  • A desire to be part of a group, to share freely of your experiences and learn from others
  • A readiness to launch and implement at least one of your licenses within the 3 months of May-July

Pilot Includes:

  • The Pilot Group is limited to 8 people, to assure an environment in which you will receive a lot of personal attention. 🙂

  • The group runs for 12 consecutive weeks and includes 12 weekly group meetings (day & time TBA when the group is finalized.)  Each week includes: topic teaching from me, a check-in from each participant, and spot coaching. Each of your groupmates is a live “case study” from which you can learn so much!

  • Cohesive and creative Blueprint Booklets for taking a specific offer you select all the way to completion

  • Over 100 updated, legit sources and links to use to promote your program

  • Biweekly 1:1 “AWEfice Hours” with Marney (via Instant Messaging on Skype) for in-the-moment guidance, coaching, and strategizing

  • Two 1:1 phone coaching sessions with Marney, to be scheduled anytime during the 12 weeks


L.A.B. Curriculum

During the first 5 weeks, everyone in the group will work through the same general process while formulating plans for their product. Weeks 6-12 are customized for each participant, with the primary intention of launching your offer!

  • Week 1: Gather Possibilities
  • Week 2: Select Your Offer
  • Week 3: Define Your Strategy
  • Week 4: Design Your Promotion Plan
  • Week 5: Map Your Steps
  • Week 6-12: Execute Your Action Steps: Produce, Promote, Profit!

I’ve coached and mentored entrepreneurs for 15 years and my specialty is combining play and productivity for radiant results!  We will work hard, but we will also have a lot of fun, too, using ARTsignments as a conduit for inspiration and action!

Pilot Group inTuition: $1199   Introductory Secial: $999

Payment Plan: $399/month   Introductory Special: $333/month

And…Claim Your $400 Bonus!

To further support your investment, with the single payment option you will receive a $400 credit to be used on any additional license you purchase from the Creative License Catalog in 2017!  This credit can be combined with other discounts and coupons. Must be redeemed by 12-31-17.

My normal rate for coaching is $250/hour; as you can see, this group offers a deep discount in support of your License Livelihood & Abundance Building! 🙂

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