The Muse Vs. Monster Mash


Artella’s Halloween Sensation is Back for 2021!

The Muse vs. Monster Mash

A Training Session for Your Next Step

November 1, 2021  (All Hallows Day!)

7:00-9:00pm Eastern

Just $10!

Keep reading for details…

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A li’l note from Marney:  

(request: please read in your very spookiest inner voice.)

Mwwaaahhhh haaaa haaaa…..

Picture this.  It is two nights before Halloween, 2019.

Who knows what is hiding in the shadows…

Who can imagine the terrors of what is rattling under the bed…

Who knows what is lurking in your mind…..

mwwwwaahhh haaaa haaaa ……

 (now read this in a very nurturing inner voice)

Oh, sweetheart. Nothing’s scarier than the thoughts we tell ourselves.  Sometimes our inner monsters bother us about big things, and sometimes it’s the small stuff….. and boy, how they love to come out of the woodwork to spook us out of our next step.

Your. Next. Step.

Those magical, maddening three words!  I’ve coached & mentored people to succeed in their creative pursuits for over twenty years now. I’ve written books about play & productivity. Without a doubt, I know that the secret to success in any creative project is just three words: your next step.

And I see all too often how Your Next Step hides under the bed, or puts on a spooky mask, or carries a spooky scythe, or plays an eerie soundtrack while you try to create something brilliant. Or it tries to spell the word “scythe” and it gets it wrong, and then wonders if “scythe” is even the right word for that thingy that the shrouded death dude carries, and then it doubts itself about everything and gives up and says “why in the world am I writing this anyway….”

Ah, it happens.

So this All Hallow’s Day event is all about two things:


  1. Seeing Your Next Step, even if it’s hidden under the flickering candles and spooky dark cobwebs…’cause it’s there.

  2. Doing some high-level communication training with your Inner Monster and your Inner Muse to help them come on board to take action.

Yep, that’s what we are going to do!

And of course, we’ll be using ARTsignments to explore, which allows us to get deep down and uncover all the things that get lost when you stay in linear thinking.

The Muse vs. Monster Mash details:

  • It’s a two-hour webinar via video on Zoom.

  • It’s Monday, Nov 1 @ 7pm Eastern (6pm Central, 5pm Mountain, 4pm Pacific)

  • It’s ok if you can’t stay for the whole 2 hours.  It’s ok if you can’t attend live at all. The entire thing will be recorded.

  • You’ll need art supplies because your hands will be busy. (no need to buy anything – just use whatever you on hand on hand.)

  • We’re also going to sing to our Monsters and Muses.  It’s so crazy, it actually works.

  • You’ll receive a pre-class assignment ahead of time, which will prepare you for making the most of our time together.  Plan about half an hour to complete it sometime before the workshop.

  • You’ll receive a Trick-or-Tracking Chart to help you track progress on your Next Step over the next few weeks

  • I’ll personally check in with you on or around Nov 15 to check your progress …. mwaaahh haa haa … let me introduce you to my friend, a Count Ability!

  • You’ll also get a follow-up Guidebook, with more ARTsignments to try as you tame your Monster and treat your Muse!

  • You know what they say about not going out at night alone…so you might seriously consider inviting a friend to register as well. 🙂

It’s just $10 for the whole experience — sign up at the top of this page!