The Wonderland Adventure – Summer 2022 Session (July)


NEW9-Week Series

  • 9 Thursdays, July 28-September 29, 2022 (no class Aug 25) 

  • Time: 7:30-9:00pm Eastern  (6:30pm Central, 5:30pm Mountain, 4:30pm Pacific) 

  • All sessions are also recorded.

Enrollment: $89



A Note From ARTbundance™ Founder Marney Makridakis:

For years, I’ve facilitated what we call Wonderland: An Adventure through Art, Awe & Wonder every Thursday evening. After all these years, it’s still tricky to define Wonderland… probably because it’s different than anything you’ve likely done before.

Wonderland is a warp-speed portal that takes you exactly to where you will be most fed by your creativity. 

It’s a deep dive into your soul through creativity, intuition, and breakthroughs.

It’s creative momentum in action through a consistent creative practice of weekly play. 

It’s a gathering place for extraordinary discoveries in the company of great love.

A New Wonderland series is starting soon…and this is your chance to treat yourself to new, unique creative experiences every single week! 

Why Wonderland?  You might like Wonderland if you want to ….

  • Establish momentum through a consistently weekly practice!

  • Try new things — techniques, skills and ideas — in any art media you like!

  • Experience personal breakthroughs by following clues in your artwork!

  • Get inspired by what others create and share (it’s incredible to see what different people do with the same prompts and ARTsignments™)

  • Re-ignite your creative spark, your vitality, your aliveness…every single week!

How It Works: In the first class of the series, we co-create murals on screen, to gather potential themes and topics to explore through creative play and exploration.

(Previous themes have included things like: boldness, hope, forgiveness, intuition, self-trust, resiliency, etc.)

Each week of the series, the group gathering live votes on one of the themes, and I then guide the group with ARTsignments™ to explore the theme of the week.  It’s always different; it’s a spontaneous dance with words, art, and spirit…in the company of great people and creative inspiration.

Here’s the collaborative mural on the topic of “coming home” which the class created together

Each 90-minute session is organized in this framework:

  • 5ish Minutes: We vote on the the topic for the week, from a selection of themes collaboratively compiled during the first class.

  • 20ish Minutes: We go through a guided warm-up exercise/ARTsignment around the topic

  • 45ish Minutes: Individual creating time

  • 20ish Minutes: Participants share with one another (we usually spill over the 90 minute mark, for those who are able to stay and enjoy the shares)

During the individual play time, you can follow the prompts given OR take them in a different directly entirely.  Or you can even work on a project of your own, infused with the ideas being shared. Whatever you create, you will love the unique connection of sharing art with one another as you’re making new friends from all over the world!

Of course, every gathering is recorded, so you can also do your own Wonderlanding in your own time and space, as many do.


Here are some comments from Wonderland participants:

Wonderland is like nothing else I’ve ever done. It’s about digging deep, playing hard, relishing experimentation. It is not an exaggeration to say that I have a creative breakthrough every single week. Marney creates the safe space to make it happen. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Creating art in community in this way has been immensely powerful, and has given me back my creative edge. It has been the breath of fresh air my creativity so desperately needed.

Wonderland is my self-care. It’s what I do for ME. I love this time and the insights that come out of it.

I know that, no matter what, I’ll make something that I’ll love and I’ll come away feeling nourished and tethered to supportive energy in the very best way. This is the best thing I do for my mental health and my sense of balance.

More insights than therapy. More laughter than Netflix. More energy than coffee. What more can I say?

Wonderland is exploding outside the lines to discover the artist you truly are…and realizing it has nothing to do with skill or technique. Marney teaches the kind of art that wasn’t taught in art school!

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