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Welcome to your 1:1 Wonderful WHIRLd with Marney!

A Li’l Note from Marney:

Let’s create your wonderful WHIRLd and spend six months together with me as your dedicated coach, as we both devote our creative energies to a specific project.

My speciality is helping you:

  • solidify your goals…what they are, and why they matter
  • create your step-by-step map for action
  • set up systems for motivating benchmarks & accountability
  • answer your technical and how-to questions so you can maintain your momentum and not get lost in overwhelm
  • establish balance in your life as you move forward…this is not just about having great results with your project, but having a great life!
  • bring your project forward a way that makes a smile melt all over your face!

Scroll down to read comments about what people have said about coaching with me.

Together we create a custom-made WHIRLd where everything is set up just for you. Our coaching, communications, comments, and collaborations are efficient and exciting, giving you lots of time to be Jumping….that is, more time doing it, rather than talking about it.

Your WHIRLd includes:

  • Two 40-minute Coaching Sessions by phone per month
  • Four (1 per week) 60-minute AWEfice Hours (Skype instant messaging; ideal for Q & A, quick advice, or generating written content with guided prompts)
  • Weekly check-ins and ongoing interactions
  • Unlimited use of the Action Portal!

About the Portal: for the few years, we’ve worked on designing the Action Portal – an online/mobile space we’ve got souped up tools and toys to help you track actions, goals, progress, metrics. In our 1-on-1nderful WHIRLDd we can make use of it in the best way: questions & fast answers, on-the-spot cheerleading, instant action tracking and accountability, personal and business metrics, and lots more!

For a limited time only, Coupon Codes may be applied to a one-time payment for the six-month package. Discount coupons do not apply to monthly payments. Contact me directly if you would like to make monthly payments, rather than book the full package.

Here’s what MMM participants have said:

Marney is the brightest guiding star in my True North and I look forward to MMM every week. I appreciate Marney’s mega-multi-layered expertise that she shares so generously, and the synchronicities that arise in each and every group session. I came to MMM looking for guidance about writing and publishing my book. I’ve now published three books, and I found my new spiritual community. – Karen Dale
Marney is the epitome of a Coach’s Coach: the ideal mentor who moves us where didn’t think we could go, the ultimate light force of intuition. I have learned so much about my structure and how I show up in the world; I have learned to honor and love that which is so special about me. I continue to learn about living in the ‘zing’, focusing on those things that bring a tingle to my tummy. I have learned to ask for help and support particularly when it comes to my relationship with technology. All of this has come to be because of the gifts Marney shares with all of us who walk our paths with her. I am constantly in awe of the way Marney intuitively knows where it is I am going; at how she gently yet directly helps to keep me focused and purposeful towards living my dreams. I always feel acknowledged and heard, loved and honored, revered and brilliant. – Barbara Krauss
MMM allows me to be able to share my inner and outer processes with kindred spirits. I am so touched and inspired by all the women in my group – MMM is like a match-making service for creatives! A vital element for me is having continuity and a place to voice my creative business ideas out loud. The feedback I get is priceless one because the women in my group are my ideal customers and second because we share very similar concerns, fears and aspirations. Marney is a fun, inspiring, gentle and bold mentor all in one. She gently steers us through the choppy waters and reminds us to keep flowing. She has an amazing ability to see the light in people and reflect it back at us so we can shine brighter. – Aleli Lauria
MMM is like having a light shining on your soul–to see what has been buried there that is holding you back in many instances. Marney helps unlock doors long closed and helps you find doors to new places you have been longing to go.  Even – or perhaps, especially, coaches need coaches, and I couldn’t ask for a more skilled, available, generous and creative coach than Marney.  Her accountability and support, and the group connection supported me from procrastination to completion on several workshops and programs.  There are many things that I can point to and say, “yes, I did that” – a wonderful feeling, indeed. I recommend Marney and MMM to anyone who wants to get shaken up a bit, with with lots of sparkle along the way. – Karen Karsten
Working with Marney has exceeded my expectations. She is generous with her assistance and intuitive in her guidance. The help I receive is individualized and delivered with compassion and enthusiasm for what I am working on, with a knack for bringing me back to my true heart, spirit, and inner knowing. I truly believe there is nobody else like Marney: a unique coach who knows business inside out and knows how to motivate and propel action, while it all through a creative, spiritual lens. I am honored to call her my business mentor and creative guide. -Caroline Douglas
MMM helped me look outside of the box and fly. Marney’s cheerleading and guidance has helped me to believe in myself and find the answers within. I have never met anyone with such an incredible business sense, as well as generosity and consistent inspiration. Marney is are the epitome of what I strive for… to serve humanity through true passion, and to leave a meaningful legacy.  I am feeling so much more aligned and empowered with my next steps, and taking action steps. MMM has been an incredible gift to me and my life is changed forever because of it. -Lisa Bartoli
Marney brings to MMM her expertise, her vulnerability and openness, her heart and passion, her insight and uncanny intuition. She gets me, and gets what I’m doing or wanting to do. I don’t have to struggle to explain things, she is empathetic, most important she believes in me, even when I doubt myself. The MMM approach to building a business is very heart/spirit lead and Marney’s approach is unique even within the creative biz world. The collective energy of this group has been spot on and my interactions with them have helped me further clarify my directions and purpose. I love the accountability piece, and having a formalized way to document, reflect on, and plan my journey, while being able to make it my own. – Jan Blount
In MMM,  Marney offers incredible encouragement and belief. I love the way that you give me permission to do the thing that feels the most outrageous!I also really enjoy your transparency, as you work right along with us, as I find it’s a great role model for me to see the real life day to day challenges and celebrations of someone who is so successful, and it’s really helpful for me to see you continually upgrading your beliefs and lifestyle as well. This is a true investment not only in my business but in my self-care, as you guide me to create a business and a LIFE that I love. I love the integration of using words and images to propel us into action, and the accountability structure that is built in that makes me feel like each week I’m working on a beautiful project. – Joy Principe


MMM is my place where I can show up and totally be myself, in such a beautiful bond of caring & support, without neediness or negative vibes. I so value that Marney has an overview about so many of my topics, and can pull from lose strings at any time for excellent coaching, shifts, and ideas. The combination of business flow and personal topics/ growth that I can address in MMM in invaluable. From creating content to exploring new ideas to encouraging me when I’m feeling low, this is the one place I go to get it all.  I am so grateful for this experience and for all Marney puts into her relationships with all of us. – Konstanze Bittman
Within the first month’s actions, I manifested the money I needed to pay for MMM. From there, it just kept getting better. MMM is the best decision I ever made. I found out who I was, and learned how to build a business around it. What could possibly be better than that? I also love the people who are attracted to Marney and have met immeasurably skilled and successful women who are now in my corner and I in theirs. It is easy to get overwhelmed with options and resources.  With MMM I’ve found all that I need.  Not only has Marney given so freely with her resources, most invaluable she has opened up my eyes to the resources I have within me.  Nothing’s stopping me now! – Marva Collins-Bush
I have received so much from MMM, and the support and safety of the group and everyone’s investment in their own growth, which creates a synergy in my learning and growth. I’m awed by Marney’s creativity, brilliance, intuitive sense, and ability to put her finger on the pulse of the individual with whom she’s’re working and draw a silver thread that unites all the group participants. I love the weekly mapdates and having actions and goals that assist me in maintaining my focus and working little by little in achieving my goals. And the use of visual and imaginal realms allow me to step into the quantum field and experience my Truth and thus manifest it. – Benita Silver
MMM offers great coaching & support – both receiving one-on-one time and the listening to others, providing both individualized focus for me and learning from others. I love being part of a group, and knowing I am not alone in the types of things I’m going through. All of this is possible because of who Marney is, and her gifts and the container of kindness from which it is shared.  Like everything Marney produces, MMM is extremely well-done, executed with a tried and true hand of expertise. I am grateful for this experience and will continue to reflect upon and activate and embolden this work for a very long time to come.- Pam Murray
As much as I “fight” internally against it sometimes, the fact that you put me squarely in the driver’s seat of my experience is vitally important. While there are a million programs out there that offer a specific series of steps to follow, the fact is that your approach makes us take responsibility for our own aims and outcomes. It’s quite priceless, actually. And I think it allows us to go deep with what’s really on our minds and hearts too. Your gifted ability to hone in and come up with these on-the-spot exercises to help us uncover what’s under the surface is also priceless. Yes, you’ve very experienced and been doing this for a long time, but it’s more than that – you really have a gift. And I’m quite happy to be the beneficiary of it right now. – Linda Kaun
Marney has been there, done that, worn the T Shirt. It is invaluable to learn from someone who has experienced so much and is so generous in sharing absolutely anything and everything. She really does want her mentees to succeed, and she focuses on each MMMer’s business as if it was her own. Her belief in me, and in what is possible, helps me see a bigger picture, and her expertise guides me to make it happne, step by step. There is endless support in how to structure products, programs, and implement them, as well as how to overcome the inner doubts and blocks to success that could be standing in our way. I love the group for accountability, support, and hearing inspiring stories and ideas. And the portal is an ideal place to gather thoughts, ideas, structures, and have such easy direct communication both to Marney and to other members in the group. Marney’s coaching and mentoring has been the most influential thing in the unfolding of my business. – Liz Gow
In MMM, Marney meets us where we are and takes us where we never dreamed we could go! The email from Marney I received during the very first week was alone worth double the cost of program! In addition the business-building wisdom and guidance within the MMM group has resulted in several of my most cherished friends of a lifetime! I am so grateful to Marney for weaving an endless rainbow of resources and creativity throughout our sessions…and in gifts sent later in the form of e-books, free courses, and fun little notes in the mail. The inspiration never stops! Most of all, I thank Marney for her endless business know-how, and her empathy, patience, understanding, and compassion.” – Mikell Worley
Marney, you are truly a miracle in my life! I appreciate your super creativity and thoughtfulness…your ability to see the big picture… your sensitivity and consideration…and your never-ending support and partnership. You have helped me take my ideas into strategy, action, and completions to depths of expanded possibilities that match my heart. The care and support of the MMM group is also a gift. I love the deepening of Aloha on all levels that is generous, kind and beautiful. I am most grateful for your gift of the perspective and how all the pieces fit together into the whole. I understand my business – and myself – better now, which makes the adventure of action and tangible steps so much more joyful and aligned with love. – Sharan Ro
MMM is Momentum, Motivation, and Magic! Being in the program has assisted me in taking huge leaps forward in all areas of my life. The love, support and wisdom of Marney and the group has been an essential part of bringing my dreams into reality and making the journey delightful and inspiring! Marney brings her well of creativity and her enormous heart to every session and in between. I feel so grateful for her in so many ways. Through MMM, I have learned so much about myself and have paved a new future for myself. – Donna Herbster
I was in a place where I needed to completely reinvent my work. With Marney’s ARTbundance Certification Training program (ACT), I got the ideas for how to do it; with MMM, I’m actually DOING it. Marney is great inspiration who has infused my life with love, support, encouragement, and cut, paste and glitter, and more business know-how than you’d think could be crammed in one person. Nothing can compare to the combination of the small support groups and one-on-one coaching time. I learned so much hearing Marney coach my group mates. I deeply benefitted from Marney’s talent of being able to coach each person in their unique individual needs and desires and launch us all in skyrocket speed forward. – Sande Roberts


Working with Marney in MMM helped me look outside of the box and fly. Marney’s cheerleading and guidance has helped me to believe in myself and find the answers within. I have never met anyone with such an incredible business sense, as well as generosity and consistent inspiration. Marney is are the epitome of what I strive for… to serve humanity through true passion, and to leave a meaningful legacy. This has been an incredible gift to me and my life is changed forever because of it. – Jill Allison Bryan
MMM has helped me become more focused on my work and life. Marney and MMM have empowered me to realize how much I really get done every week while also noticing the small and huge shifts within. MMM has helped me connect to a great group of women that support me in my juicy journey. Marney has a great way of gently guiding you on your purposeful journey. I am really enjoying MMM and highly recommend it for anybody that needs more focus, guidance or direction in their business or life. – Veronica Parker