ACT aMusement Park

Artella's PoemPlay Pilgrimage! (Discount through Sept 30) TEA Service - ARTbundance Leadership Training (Starts Oct 2) Blissness U - Upcoming Modules 1:1 Coaching with Marney License Lift-Off Masterclass (Free with any License purchase by Sept 30) The ACT Exchange Big Flash Sale through Sept 30 ACT 25 Continuing Ed (Starts Oct 2) Email Marney by Sept 30! Fall 2023 Classes Email Marney to be notified when info is ready!

Direct Links:

Fall Class Fountain -> Fall 2023 Live Zoom Classes

Mentor Midway -> Contact Marney to volunteer

 ACT Audit a la Carte -> ACT 25 Continuing Ed options

Blissness Balloons -> Self-Study version of ARTbundance Blissness Collage (Huge Flash Sale through 9/30)

ACT Exchange Archway -> New ACT Exchange Site (coming soon)

License Log Ride -> License Lift-Off Masterclass on Nov 4 (Free with purchase of any  Creative License before 9/30)

1:1 Coaching Carousel -> Two slots open for “Mentoring & Magic-Making with Marney” in January. (Reserve before 9/30 to keep current rate)

Blissness U Boulder Course -> Blissness U – upcoming modules

Leadership Looking & TEA Tower -> TEA Service – Advanced Leadership Training

PoemPlay Pagoda ->  Artella’s PoemPlay Pilgrimage

Coach Portal Cable Cars -> Portal Play Pilot (coming for 2024)