ARTbundance Business Collage (Self-Study Program)

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The ARTbundance Business Collage (ABC) is now available as a Self-Study program, including all recordings, Guidebooks, and resources from the ARTbundance Business Training in 2021.

Which of the ARTbundance Business Principles are your most developed and least developed?  Take the Quiz, here!   (it will open in a new tab so you don’t lose your place here)

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What does it really mean to have a Sustainable ARTbundance Business? 

The ABC Training is a Business Building Extravaganza texclusively for ACT Alumni — creative, enthusiastic professionals at ALL stages in business and life who share a mutual language and vibe through the common ARTbundance experience.

Each class guides you to create your own lesson plan, based on where you are in your business and what you most want to strengthen or develop.

The Self-Study ARTbundance Business Collage Includes…

1. 14-week Creative Curriculum, centered around the 9 NEW ARTbundance Business Principles

2. Recordings of biweekly 90-minute classes on Zoom

3. Bi-weekly study guides with optional resources to dig deeper into the week’s topic.

4. Ongoing purpleprints – with tips and prompts for building/growing your business based on each lesson

5. Training Credentials – Upon successful completion of ABC, you’ll get a certificate and accompanying graphics to use in your promotional materials, designating your as a Graduate of ARTbundance Business Collage.

6. Surprises!  You never know what is in store in this Collage Town…

The New ABC Principles

These 9 new Principles will guide you to evaluate and expand the quality of these elements in your business. 

If you are just starting out, in the ABC Training you will learn how to integrate these new 9 Principles into your plan and execution.

If you already have a business, ABC will help you zoom in on your most effective growth areas as you stretch your wings toward sustainability…all the while, having a fantastic time!

How developed are these Principles in your business?  Click here to take the quiz! (it will open in a new tab so you don’t lose your place here)

A Note About Orchids:

As you know, the sunflower has always been the symbol of ACT.  To me, ACT was like a garden that provided light in order for trainees to grow, to pollinate and spread, to turn and face where the light takes them. This sacred seed-scattering has taken ARTbundance everywhere … from trainees’ own craft rooms to their clients and audiences literally all over the planet.

Now, for the ARTbundance Business Collage, we introduce a new symbol:  I invite you to think of your business an orchid… a delicate entity that takes some extra attention and care, but yields an exquisite and entirely unique bloom with a far-reaching scent unlike any other.  An orchid needs very specific conditions to thrive. It’s a strategic plant rather than a spontaneous one.  It gets its nourishment in a foundational way, from the bottom up — it grows from the soil, not the sun. 

Orchid care is simultaneously meticulous and magical. 

Just like building your exquisite, one-of-a-kind business. 

And that’s what ARTbundance Business Collage is all about.


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