Self Study Program! Vision Village


Program: Vision Village: Build Your Dream’s Authenti-City through ARTbundance

Quick Summary: Make playful paper houses to create new motivation and momentum to build your dream!

Self-Study Format: Six 90-minute class videos, class notes, 10 paper house templates, and follow-up activity suggestions.

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Create paper houses to help you achieve your goals?  Really?  YES!

At the heart of the ARTbundance approach of self-discovery through creativity is taking our words literally…so it’s time to get building!

Introducing the Self-Study format of “Vision Village” —  a unique and inspiring course that invites you to roll up your sleeves, dig into the craft supplies, and have a ton of fun!

In this hands-on art-making experience, you’ll discover the powerful connection between building physical structures and building your dreams. Each class session focuses on a specific aspect of goal-setting and visualization, using art as a transformative tool.

As you playfully construct a new paper house or building with each class video, you’ll find yourself breaking down complex tasks into manageable steps, gaining clarity and perspective along the way.

The act of building your own miniature village serves as a tangible representation of your aspirations, giving you a an embodied experience of seeing your dreams take shape.

Whether you’re seeking personal growth, professional success, or creative fulfillment, this Brand New ARTbundance class will be your playful and immersive environment to laugh a lot in great company while also building motivation, clarifying goals, and inspiring action.

Unleash your inner architect and take yourself on this extraordinarily playful journey of creation and manifestation.

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