Mixed Media ME-flections



Artella’s Mixed Media ME-flections

30 Self Portrait Projects to Change Your Life

Format: Self-paced e-course. Your first lesson can begin whenever you choose.

If you’ve ever created a self-portrait, you know that it can be a rich opportunity for introspective and exciting self-growth. Now you have an amazing opportunity to create 30 self-portraits in a variety of artistic media, each project tailor-designed to inspire you to live more fully, passionately and authentically!

This exciting series of step-by-step self-portrait projects is not just another collection of art techniques. Artella’s own founding flowerchild, Marney Makridakis has created an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, inner healing, sacred inspiration, and creative fun in an unparalleled opportunity to get to know yourself more deeply and become more comfortable and confident with yourself than ever!

When you enroll in this course, you’ll receive a ME-flection Lesson every day for 60 days, including:

  • 30 step-by-step projects for artistic self-portraits, representing an eclectic range of media and techniques. From assemblage to origami…clay to collage…photography to fine art….watercolor to wire…you’ll learn how to create 30 unique, quirky, artistic self-portraits as Marney shares her art techniques for creating each one, while also offering suggestions and tips for taking your own spin on the project.
  • A personal guide for the introspective process you can embark upon while creating each self-portrait. Includes step-by-step inquiries for how to take each project to the next level and use your art as an opportunity for amazing self-discovery!
  • Extensive follow-up journaling prompts, to help you integrate the concepts personified by each self-portrait into your daily life.
  • Beautiful Artella-style journal pages to print out and write on to further inspire your journaling.
  • Plus, to keep you motivated between self-portrait lessons, you’ll receive also receive a “Mini-Flection” every other day — a short, inspiring email message from Marney, along with a daily journal prompt, to keep you moving along your path of creative self-discovery.

Click the images below to see portions of a sample lesson.

Artella’s Amazing ME-flections a little something for everyone. If you’re an artist, you’ll love diving into a variety of new art techniques, each presented in an inspiring format that encourages unabashed experimentation! If you’re a writer, you’ll love the thought-provoking writing challenges and the opportunity to try your hand at art. And no matter what your dreams are, your soul is sure to be stirred by the introspective lessons and the energy that they bring with them.

When your order is complete, please download the file with enrollment instructions, and follow those instructions to begin the course.