The Goalar Energy Program

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Goalar Energy:

A Unique Guidance Program for Extraordinary Action


Artella’s very first e-course, GOALAR ENERGY has changed in format as hundreds of people have taken the course and provided feedback as to how we can continue
to reach creative individuals with this unique program for extraordinary action.

Your project or goal can be absolutely anything…

-Embarking on a new job search
-Cleaning out your closets
-Starting a book
-Losing weight
-Learning to speak a new language
-Completing a portfolio

…Or anything else! It truly can be any inspired project that needs action.

Goalar Energy is a 30-lesson program that offers step-by-step guidance, from a creative, right-brained perspective, for completing a project.

The Goalar Energy Program entitles you to access to the following so you can mix-and-match to create a self-study adventure that works best for you:

  • The “30 Day Goalar Energy™ Guidebook” (63 pages) … 30 lessons presented in a new, gorgeously laid-out eBook format.
  • The “Workbook for Extraordinary Action” (22 pages) to track your progress.
  • The “Creative Consolidation Workbook” (19 pages) to organize and synthesize your work.
  • A set of Web-based Audio recordings of ALL lessons.
  • The option to enroll in the sequential Goalar Energy™ autoresponder, which sends a gorgeously-illustrated, carefully-planned lesson to your inbox every three days.
  • A “Five Minute Miracle” for each lesson, which is a condensed version of the material, for when you are running short on time.
  • Access to recordings of 14 teleclasses that were recorded to be part of the Goalar Energy experience. Some are presented by Marney Makridakis and some are by fabulously inspiring guest presenters. Listen in your own time, in the convenience of your home, for extra boosts of inspiration.

The techniques presented in Goalar Energy™ are drawn from my very own experience with launching Artella. Contrary to many self-help books out there, I have found that the road to accomplishing goals is usually not a linear path marked by “to do” lists, flowcharts, and mind mapping.

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