Play Money! (Self-Study Program)


Play Money! Includes:

  • Six video recordings of 90-minute classes on Zoom

  • Play Money! Guidebook with class notes plus additional suggestions, ARTsignments, and resources

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What If?…

What if you could create an entirely new energetic association with money?

What if MONEY could feel like PLAY?

Most people have their own “money stories” — the old patterns or beliefs that may be getting in the way of abundant, full living.  Creative folks in particular often have stories about being a “starving artist” or “starving healer” — and together with societal norms — this sets the stage for a general lack mindset.

And — stay with me here — sometimes trying to “heal our money stories” actually has the opposite effect – and bring us deeper into lack.  While there is value in exploring our old money stories, the introspection does bring its own limitations.  And here’s why:

When we’re healing our stories, we are staying in the past.

When we are creating, we are in the present. And that’s where the possibilities are.

Play Money! was a six week adventure that took place in Summer 2022 – and you can get all the recordings to explore how money can be a source for magical, creative play!

With new ARTsignments each week, money becomes something it rarely gets to be — it becomes a plaything, a toy, a whimsical game, a song, a flight of fancy, a source of great delight.

In short, Play Money! makes money feel FUN. Spontaneous. Boisterous. Downright silly.

And when money FEELS fun, abundance finds an entirely new way to take root in our system.  In fact, it’s inevitable!

Come PLAY through six magical recordings.

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