Creative ManiFestival™



A 30-Day Course in Increasing Prosperity Through Words and Art

Format: This is a 30-day course with ongoing registration. Instructions are available for downloading immediately after order is complete.

Price: $39.00


There are many spiritual practices that help us become more magnetic to abundance, prosperity, and happiness. Using a diverse collection of spiritual traditions as inspiration, Creative ManiFestival™ presents a comprehensive 30-day study in abundance and prosperity consisting of work that is uniquely based on creative writing and art-making activities.

This course is specifically geared for creative people – writers, dancers, musicians, thinkers, artists – who struggle with the concepts of money, prosperity, and abundance. This course presents daily creative exercises, using a juicy combination of writing and art, to guide you through un-doing years of ingrained attitudes about art-making and right livelihood.

The abundance of exercises presented in this course offers more than you will likely complete in a single month, allowing you to pick and choose the exercises that make your soul sing. Your intuition will guide you to know which ones are right for you!

While this course is specifically geared toward creative people, there is no requirement for experience in art or writing. Whether you are an accomplished writer or artist, or you’ve never dabbled in either before, this course will guide you through reshaping your own prosperity in entirely new ways.

NOTE: When your order is complete, please download the file with enrollment instructions, and follow those instructions to begin the course.