Artella’s ARTpreciation Postage

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Artella’s ARTpreciation Postage

A Mixed Media Art Worshop for Cultivating Gratitude for “The Little Things”

Format: Self-paced e-course. Your first lesson can begin whenever you choose.Instructions will be available for downloading immediately after your order is complete.

In this workshop, you’ll be guided to create an artsy postage stamp (aka “faux poste”) every day for 30 days, as a miniature art journal of your personal gratitude. Working in a very small art space is so invigorating, and it also provides a wonderful metaphor for reflecting on the “little things”. This workshop includes everything you need to engage in this invigorating and dynamic creative gratitude practice, with every day’s lesson sent to you special delivery via email!

At the end of the 30 days you will have a set of beautiful postage stamps to use in a variety of inspiring ways. AND you’ll see and experience life in an entirely new way…through deep, creative, delightful gratitude.
Each ARTpreciation Postage Lesson includes:

  • Today’s ARTpreciation Postage Prompt: An inspiring lesson to guide you through creating the day’s stamp. Each day presents a different prompt for you to illustrate on your itty-bitty canvas, with an introspective process to engage in as you work.
  • Today’s ARTpreciation Action: Each day’s lesson includes a new creative idea for how you can use your stamps to put your appreciation into action in even greater ways (for example: add your ARTpreciation postage to the envelope when you mail your bills, to attract even greater prosperity! Or follow our easy tips for posting art to all your social media channels, to share your ARTpreciation for your friends with one click!)
  • Today’s Postage Peek: Each day, you’ll get a little glimpse into Marney’s ARTpreciation, by seeing the stamp that she created and hearing about her inner thought process.
  • Today’s Downloads – The postage stamp templates are downloadable in several formats, providing flexibility for both digital and physical art projects. You’ll also receive a collection of “ThanksClippings”, which are fun clip art images, organized by theme, pre-sized and ready to print out and cut and paste onto the daily stamp templates included in each lesson. You receive over 150 ThanksClippings in all!

See the images below for a sample lesson!
By committing to this powerful daily art practice, your creative expressions will instantly gain a significance that allows you to take your feelings of gratitude to new levels. You’ll also be re-awakening your creativity and your playful sense of artful experimentation, as you work with the art projects and the inspiring prompts sent every day via email.

And best of all…THIS is a ritual you can keep up with! Even your family can join in the fun! It only takes a few minutes a day to create your ARTpreciation stamp, BUT the quality time you’ll spend with your imagination and spirit will go a very long way. For yourself or your family, make this Thanksgiving unlike any other by inaugurating in this new artful tradition!


If the thought of a little time for yourself each day to create an inspiring, beautiful, and usable work of art every day makes you smile…

If you enjoy tackling new creative challenges…

If you’d like to make your holiday season even more meaningful…

AND if you’d like a fresh, simple start and brand new approach to combining a daily gratitude practice with a daily art-making practice…

Then begin making your very own ARTpreciation Postage collection and allow your gratitude for the “little things” come alive in BIG ways!