Creative Mapping License Pack with Templates and Training


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Coaches, teachers, and other professionals…are you interested in mapping techniques and designs to use with your own clients and students?

Instantly add creative maps to your existing coaching practice, run mapping and mentoring groups, or design custom maps for your customers.

  • Includes 3 self-paced training modules to take you through different map-making techniques for personal development
  • Includes editable templates for 12 beautiful maps that you can customize and sell
  • Also includes turn-key marketing materials, official “Mapping Mentor” certification, and a business planning coaching session with Marney
  • Includes opportunity to present a mapping-themed teleclass to the Artella audience to promote your business or offer mapping consultations with clients we provide

The Training is designed with your success and convenience in mind, to work with you, wherever you are in your business path. Along these lines:

  • The schedule is completely controlled by you, so you can add this training and certification to your professional toolbox in your own divine timing. You can sign up now to take advantage of the relevant discounts, but you can then start the actual training process whenever it best fits in with your business-building journey.

  • The program (in)Tuition is also designed with your flexibility in mind, allowing you to make payments over time.

  • Turn-key promotion packages and business-building tools are included, making it fun and easy to seamlessly integrate your new Certified Mapping Mentor credentials and skills to your business, once your certification requirements are complete.

The Training Includes:

  1. 3 self-led training classes (delivered via audio recordings.) You decide when you want to engage in the training, the spacing between the sessions, and how deeply you wish to integrate the lessons in each class.

    • Class 1 – Overview of various options for incorporating a mapping element into your practice

    • Class 2 – Training for making maps for others (i.e. in coaching, consulting, etc)

    • Class 3 – Training for guiding others to make their own Maps

  2. Accompanying written training materials and assignments for each self-led class

  3. Full License for a collection of twelve blank map templates; you can use and/or modify the maps, adding to your library of the templates you can share with you own customers and clients)4. Unlimited email support and Q & A as you go through the training material. This allows you to go at your own pace and know that you can ask questions and get support at any time.

  4. An unlimited license to use cartography and productivity techniques.

  5. Turn-key written materials (workbooks, exercises) immediately ready to share with your clients and students, given to you in Microsoft Word format, so you can copy and paste or modify as you like

  6. A public practicum is required, and you can choose how you would like to complete this requirement:

    • Option 1: You present one mapping teleclass with the Artella Community (mapping on any topic)

    • Option 2: Your present two live mapping consultation sessions with Artella volunteers

    For those interested in taking advantage of the opportunity, you may also complete both of the above requirements.

  7. A 30-minute live one-on-one private session with Marney by phone to help you prepare for your practicum, with emphasis on how to leverage the opportunity with tangible follow-up offers

  8. A creative marketing workbook with prompts and templates to help you write engaging copy for your mapping-related offers

  9. A thorough written review by Marney of your sales copy and mapping service description

  10. Upon completion of requirements, you receive the title of “Certified Mapping Mentor”, with a promotional package of images, banners, and copy to designate your certification.

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