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A System to Reorganize and Revitalize Your ARTbundance Toolbox!

ACT Alumni have lots of ARTsignments up their sleeves!  In addition to the ARTsignments in ACT, the Artella Creative License catalog includes 4 additional Add-On Packs. That means you may have up to 160 ARTsignments that you are fully licensed to use.  But…

  • Are you making the most of the materials you already have? 

  • Are you regularly using the ARTsignments in your coaching in a way that is both efficient and exciting to you?

  • Are you receiving excellent return on investment by converting ARTsignments to standalone workshops?

This new Visual Index and Downloadable Card Deck was created help your get your materials organized ready for irresistible action.  A downloadable PDF contains the all 160 currently available ARTsignments, laid out 4 per page:

You can reference them electronically, or print them out and turn them into your own special ARTsignment Card Deck! Just think of all the uses for this handy collection:

  • Put them in a notebook for easy reference – no more struggling to remember which ARTsignment is in which Volume

  • Print them out and implement into the CARD tools you created in ACT, adding your own customized notes on the back

  • Organize the cards in the way that will help you, i.e., by Principle, by art medium or style, etc.

  • Use them as your ARTsignment “Bucket List” and cross of the ones you’ve done

  • Draw a new card each week for ongoing weekly self-coaching through ARTsignments

  • Preview the ARTsignments for which you do not yet have a license

  • Hand select your own “Do It Deck” of all the ARTsignments you intend to teach as workshops

  • Use the images in personal artwork for exploring your ARTbundance practice

  • Use them as topic cards for breakout groups at workshops

  • Demonstrate the value of your work as an ARTbundance Coach and Practitioner by displaying the deck of ARTsignments that you often use in your coaching

  • Partner with intuition by drawing a card for your client to offer as “homework”

  • Keep the image as-is on the front, and add your own artwork on the backside

  • And lots more ideas that I know our ARTbundance community will come up with…because, after all, you’re ARTbubdances Coaches with great ideas!

You’ll also receive a handy & helpful workbook to help you make the most of the new system, guiding you to set goals, target dates, and your own plan for action.

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